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Hymenoplasty or Hymen repair has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, so Turkey is now a country that most Arabs and foreigners go to for plastic surgery, and the hymen patch process has become a simple surgical procedure in which women regain their virginity again by repairing the hymen and artificially patching it.

the following schedule show quick information about Vaginoplasty:

AnesthesiaLocal – Full
Operation duration45 – 60 minuets
Return to daily activityImmediate
Return to Hard activitiesAfter One month
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Turk Aesthetic Cost1500 – 2000 USD

Hymenoplasty Video

Process details

The goal of the hymen process is to restore the bleeding that occurs to a woman during sexual intercourse and to restore the vagina, especially for a woman who is about to get married for the first time.

The process of patching the hymen is one of the sensitive processes that women feel embarrassed to inquire about, as you know some cultures believe the woman’s hymen is an indication that she is still a virgin.

Not all cases that perform the process of patching the hymen are not necessarily lost during the sexual intercourse. Some girls may have lost the membrane as a result of an accident or assault.

In order for the girl to regain her self-confidence again, most of those who are coming from these operations are from Arab societies as a result of what we mentioned that the girl’s honor is related to her virginity.

Hymenoplasty – FAQ

How is the hymenoplasty process done?

The process of patching the hymen is very easy, the doctor specializes in tightening the ends of the perforated membrane with special tools and then stitches it with a small surgical electrode and then leaves a small opening in the middle of the vagina.

Who is the authorized physician?

The hymenoplasty will be performed by a plastic surgeon, gynecologist and obstetrician.

How long does the hymen repair process take in Turkey?

After local anesthesia, the procedure takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour.

Does the patient need a hospital to perform the operation?

There is no need to book an appointment before a hymen patch is performed, as it is usually done in private outpatient clinics and the patient is anesthetized locally, not generally.

How long does the patient need to rest after the operation?

The patient does not need a recovery period after performing the hymen process, she can return to her daily life naturally, but it is preferable not to have intercourse until after eight weeks have passed since the operation and here the healing process has been completed.

Tips after Hymenoplasty

  • After completing the hymen patch process, the patient should avoid any sexual activity until the recovery period that the doctor has prescribed for her after at least 1 month has passed since the procedure has taken place, the membrane has been fully healed.
  • Avoid Sports activities for three months.
  • If any pain or pain occurs, you can use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor after the operation.

Side effects

The expected side effects after the operation are:

  • Simple numbness in the vaginal area.
  • Not feeling vaginal.
  • Some bleeding may occur.
  • Inflammation in the tissues.

The process is simple and the possibility of symptoms is simple and when any complications occur, see a doctor.

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