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Hydrafacial for the face is one of the most important means of skin care and renewal, which Turk Aesthetic will be talk about in this article.

What is the hydrafacial technique?

A technique that combines many of the benefits of crystal and chemical peels at the same time. It is a non-surgical alternative without the use of antioxidants according to an effective treatment that does not exceed half an hour and with amazing results in regenerating and hydrating the skin and without any complications or risks.

Hydrafacial Video

Hydrafacial Benefits

  1. Simple wrinkles.
  2. Eliminate sagging and increase skin elasticity.
  3. Brown spots.
  4. Unify skin and skin color.
  5. Get rid of oily pimples.
  6. Treating large pores.
  7. Remove dead skin cells and clean skin.
  8. Getting smooth skin and youthful appearance by eliminating the signs of aging and aging.

As for technique features:

  1. Simple procedure that does not take 30 minutes.
  2. Immediate results.
  3. Non-surgical and without pain.
  4. There is no recovery period.
  5. The technology is suitable for all skin types.
  6. Suitable for both sexes and at any age starting from adolescence and adulthood and in which skin problems abound.

Hydrafacial uses

  • Peeling the skin in an eddy way.
  • Absorption technique for cleaning and sterilizing the skin, called eddy extract.
  • Fortex technology to treat fat accumulation and acne.
  • Fortex Fusion Skin Acid & Antioxidant.
  • Complementary medications from Hydrafacial for extended protection and results to be kept as long as possible.

Hydrafacial convalescence

  • As we mentioned earlier, the Hydra facial technology to clean skin is very safe and does not cause any pain.
  • The most that can be felt is redness and redness of the skin, which disappears within one hour after the completion of the session, completely unlike the laser device that may cause redness or burns to the skin.
  • It is worth noting that the recovery period is not required and life can be started normally immediately after treatment.

The results

  • Regarding the results, some patience and waiting may be required if the goal of the session is to get rid of wrinkles or obtain a uniform color for the skin, and therefore the session is not enough.
  • Only one, but a person needs from four to five sessions to obtain the ideal results desired.
  • As for the treatment of pores, it takes only two sessions.
  • Generally, the number of sessions varies depending on the situation or goal, and doctors advise to repeat the session once every month to ensure the sustainability of the results. Doctors also recommend adhering to the post-treatment instructions to obtain results for the longest period.

Recommendations after session

  1. It is preferable to delay the use of makeup.
  2. Delaying the use of skin lotion for a day.
  3. Not to be exposed to the sun directly.
  4. Use of skin moisturizers.
  5. Avoid the retinol or glycolic acid compounds usually found in cosmetics for a week of time.
  • You do not need to worry when noticing some irritation and redness.
  • Immediately contact the doctor when noticing severe inflammation or swelling of the skin, as it is an unnatural symptom with the Hydrafacial technique.

Hydrafacial cost in Turkey

  • Turkey is considered one of the most important therapeutic destinations in general and for indication of the hydrafacial method due to the presence of many medical centers that deal with this technique.
  • The cost per session ranges from 100 to 300 US dollars, according to several criteria.
  • Turkey is the competitive destination for neighboring countries, whether Arab or European, because the cost there per session exceeds 500 dollars at best.

Finally, to get the cost from the Turk Aesthetic Center, you can contact us via the link.