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Hollywood smile within 7 days, The first thing people usually notice about you is your smile. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood cosmetic veneers) ranks very high among cosmetic procedures.

here below some quick information about the process:

Procedure Duration2/4 Sessions (an hour each)
Return to daily activityImmediate
Things to considerAvoid dye drinks and solid foods
Procedure effectivenessThe results are permanent, as long as maintaining health of the teeth
Turk Aesthetic Cost150 – 250 USD Approx.

Hollywood Smile Video

Before and After

What’s a Hollywood Smile

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to make the teeth more compatible and harmonious by adding ceramic peels that are made according to each individual separately.

the procedure replaces many other cosmetic dental procedures, such as cosmetic dental veneers, teeth whitening, veneers and luminaires.

Having a beautiful smile plays a major role in self-confidence and leaves a good and lasting impression.

Rabbit Teeth Smile

One of the Hollywood smile techniques (Hollywood smile) bunny smile, which is the most common and fashionable in recent days

The idea of the procedure is to highlight the front teeth, the two premolars are more prominent .. How is this done ??

The doctor cools or carves the upper row of teeth from the right to the left or vice versa to be short in shape and keep the premolars in the center as they are without any modification in length.

It should be noted that making this smile is suitable for people with wide or round faces, and not suitable for people with long-shaped faces.

Rabbit Teeth Smile
Rabbit Teeth Smile

Also, we note that making this smile must be done by a firm and irreversible decision, meaning that making the teeth shorter in length cannot be undone, and in order for the teeth to return to their pre-procedure shape, restoration sessions are required that cost exorbitant sums … so it is necessary to think long before taking this type of plastic surgery. Sunni.

You can get the cost of the Hollywood Smile – Bunny Smile at Turk Aesthetic by contacting the support team via the link.

Animated Hollywood smile

The idea of the procedure has always been based on adding ceramic peels to the teeth. The idea comes to minds: Can these veneers be dismantled and installed?

The answer is that the Hollywood Smile can be installed simply at the doctor and without tooth sculpting or pain or without the need for adhesives that affect the health of the teeth, and due to the ease of the procedure, it was called the Moving Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile Tips

  • Maintaining constant dental hygiene
  • Reducing smoking as much as possible, because cigarette smoke affects the color of the teeth first and the health of the gums secondly
  • Avoid eating food that requires effort with nibbling, such as apples or corn, and so on
  • Less drinks that contain dyes, such as tea and cola
  • Visit your doctor periodically to maintain results

Hollywood smile dental

How celebrities get a unique and white smile? A puzzling question has always been occupying these artists’ fans and followers’ minds.

Until recently obtaining nice dentals shape with individual dental crowns was possible only for the rich Hollywood stars, celebrities and businessmen. The materials used to get Hollywood’s teeth are incredibly thin and allow the light to shine through it. The teeth fit perfectly with the gums. The outer shape and surface structure of each tooth individually matches the ideal and aesthetic shape in order to get the best and most beautiful smile.

It is performed through some dental procedures performed by the dentist. After a certain analysis and examination to determine teeth health status and the problems you suffer from if found.

It may require treatment after that if there are any problems, where this process can include more than one procedure at the same time as:

  1. Teeth whitening.
  2. Installing crowns.
  3. Fillings and restoration.
  4. Dental implants.
  5. Treat other dental problems if found.

The dentist will take the necessary measures to get a cosmetic healthy shape and a bright beautiful smile.

Hollywood smile dentist

Everyone would like to have cosmetic dental surgery by highly trained and experienced dentists. The first and most important condition of Turk Aesthetic Beauty center is to employ highly qualified dentists. Every specialized dentist in our center has years of experience in his field, so no one can ever expect them to make any mistake in teeth cosmetics or Hollywood smile.

Hollywood smile cost in turkey

The cost varies from clinic to clinic depending on the quality of the material used, the medical staff and the dentist’s experience.

At Turk Aesthetic we aim to provide the best services and use high-quality materials at the lowest possible price.

Please feel free to contact us to get a precise answer about the cost.

Hollywood smile and Turk Aesthetic

Turk Aesthetic Center is associated with VIP service, whether in providing many cosmetic solutions from hair transplantation with the latest technology to dental treatment, through surgical cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation or removal of gynecomastia, in addition to simple non-surgical solutions that dispense with the complications of surgery such as treatment with plasma techniques, mesotherapy and fillers ..

Hollywood Smile is one of the cosmetic solutions that we provide in our center, which includes:

Reception and return from / to the airport
Transportation during the treatment period
Hotel booking
Analgesic medicine bag if needed
Free consultation / inspection in addition to 24-hour support service in case of any inquiry.

Hollywood smile cost

Depending on the country in which the procedure will be performed, the cost varies.

For example, a Hollywood smile in Abu dhabi differs from the cost of a Hollywood smile in Ajman

And the price varies between Bahrain and Morocco

Other factors also affect the cost, such as the hospital or clinic, the doctor and his experience, the condition of a person’s teeth.

You can share photos with Turk Aesthetic medical team for free consultations.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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