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Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile in Turkey Istanbul in just 7 days. What does it mean and why do people have it done? The first thing people usually notice in you is your smile. That’s why, cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood Dental Veneer) rank very high among cosmetic operations.

Having a beautiful smile plays a key role in self-confidence and always gives a good impression.

All of this makes Hollywood Smile procedure a good turning point to improve your smile look by undergoing one of the most famous dental procedures worldwide.

Hollywood smile spares the patient a lot of other cosmetic procedures such as Dental lenses; veneers and Lumineers, tooth whitening.

This cosmetic process is called teeth cosmetic, or dental lenses, it is also called Hollywood smile.

It is a common treatment at our center Turk Aesthetic. Because we always offer high-quality services at the best price possible.

How to have Hollywood Smile done?

How Hollywood celebrities get a unique and white smile? A puzzling question has always been occupying these artists’ fans and followers’ minds.

Until recently obtaining Hollywood smile shape with individual dental crowns was possible only for the rich Hollywood stars, celebrities and businessmen. The materials used to get Hollywood’s teeth are incredibly thin and allow the light to shine through it. The teeth fit perfectly with the gums. The outer shape and surface structure of each tooth individually matches the ideal and aesthetic shape in order to get the best and most beautiful smile.

Hollywood Smile teeth are individually made using a technique aided with a computer and are hand painted.

It is performed through some dental procedures performed by the dentist. After a certain analysis and examination to determine teeth health status and the problems you suffer from if found.

It may require treatment after that if there are any problems, where this process can include more than one procedure at the same time as:

  1. Teeth whitening.
  2. Installing crowns.
  3. Fillings and restoration.
  4. Dental implants.
  5. Treat other dental problems if found.

The dentist will take the necessary measures to get a cosmetic healthy shape and a bright beautiful smile.

We have experienced dentists

Everyone would like to have cosmetic dental surgery by highly trained and experienced dentists. The first and most important condition of Turk Aesthetic Beauty center is to employ highly qualified dentists. Every specialized dentist in our center has years of experience in his field, so no one can ever expect them to make any mistake in teeth cosmetics or Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

The cost varies from country to country and from clinic to clinic depending on the quality of the material used, the medical staff and the dentist’s experience.

At Turk Aesthetic we aim to provide the best services and use high-quality materials at the lowest possible price.

We strive to make Hollywood smile available to the largest segment of people. That is why many of our patients come from outside Turkey from all over the world. We offer exceptional services to our visitors from around the world to benefit from the expertise of our dentists and to get a bright and white smile

Here in Turkey, the cost depends on a number of things such as:

  • The dentist’s experience and competence.
  • The used techniques.
  • The used raw materials quality.

Do I get normal results for Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Yes, sure. It is made to make your teeth and smile look very natural and in perfect harmony with the features of your face and personality in general.

What is the importance of getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

A smile can build or weaken a person’s self-confidence. Getting a smile and being proud and happy to show it to anyone at any time of the day is priceless. Our ultimate goal is for all our patients to be truly happy with their wonderful smiles. Where we see their satisfaction and pleasure when they look at their new smile, which we know that we have affected their lives positively through it.

Why does a person go for it?

‏The most important reasons are:

  1. ‏Teeth Discoloration.
  2. ‏Unacceptable tooth shape.
  3. ‏One of the front teeth fracture.
  4. ‏Dental Caries or Discoloration due to smoking or other habits.

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