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HIFU Treatment The cosmetic field has received attention from designers of high-precision and high-quality medical devices that save effort and time, and give great results in performing cosmetic operations, and the HIFU device was a successful fruit in the field of skin tightening, today we hear many beauty pioneers talking about HIFU … in the media and propaganda circles And artistry, as it is used by many people who care about external appearances, the most important of which is the face. HIFU is the latest medical technology used in the world of beauty today, and in our article we will learn about everything related to this technology.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaNo need
Process duration30 minutes less or more depending on treated area
Session numberdepending on case 1-2 sessions
Continuity of results3 Years
ResultsGradually start after 3 months
Turk Aesthetic Cost500-1000 USD per session

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FAQ – HIFU Treatment

Do I need to recuperate after using the HIFU device?

One of the most important features of HIFU sessions is safety, and any side effects disappear 2-3 hours after the session, and you can return to your normal life directly after completing the session, and there is no need for a recovery period that prevents you from communicating with others, or prevents you from continuing your work.

At what age can we benefit from the HIFU device for skin tightening?

There is no specific age for using the HIFU device, but it is best to start using it when:
Note the onset of wrinkles or sagging on the skin, which is due to various reasons, including severe skin dryness, aging and other factors.
Or when the skin loses its freshness and vitality, as a result of a lack of collagen secretion

Are there any contraindications or disadvantages to HIFU technology?

Skin tightening is characterized by the HIFU device from the rest of the operations that it is not forbidden to anyone, and it is available for use by everyone who suffers from sagging skin, and other problems that the HIFU device treats, and they will get more elastic skin and very fresh skin, and doctors mentioned that people under the age of 20 A little more than those with healthy and radiant skin do not notice any difference when using the HIFU device, because they do not need this procedure.

Are the results of HIFU skin tightening permanent or temporary?

The HIFU skin tightening process is not permanent, but it is long-lasting, and what distinguishes it from other skin tightening procedures is that the skin remains in an aesthetic, fresh and bright state upon the expiration of the HIFU effect.

What is HIFU technique?

A modern medical device that tops the majority of beauty centers in the world in general, and beauty centers in Turkey in particular, because of its benefits and fast and successful results, the HIFU device is a medical device that uses high-resolution and focused ultrasound waves to target the area to be treated in the skin, characterized by its penetration speed For the skin and its accuracy in injuring points deep in the skin. It stimulates it, returns to activity again, and secretes collagen, which is important in nourishing the skin and giving it a tightened look.

HIFU vs Laser, the Difference

DeviceSkin layerSessionsResults appearanceWave typeSession durationProcedure Aim
HIFUTargeting deep skin layerfor the same body area 1 session is enough.varies, usually after 6 months, results start to get appear‘Ultrasound wavestime Shorter than laserSkin tightening & body contouring
LaserTargeting surface skinwe can apply many sessions for the same body area.almost faster, 1 week after the sessionLight waveslonger than HIFUskin whitening, skin tightening, unifying skin color, Skin pigmentation treatment (wider use)
HIFU vs Laser, the Difference

HIFU Benefits

The HIFU device penetrates the skin tissues of varying thickness with dense ultrasound waves, and targets the tissues responsible for tightening the skin, which are stretched as a result of aging factors and are deep, they are reached through ultrasound waves, and when the temperature of these waves reaches these stretched tissues, their length decreases. It strengthens again and gives us the tight look, and the secretion of natural collagen is activated very well, so we get tight skin and fresh and brighter skin, through one device, which is HIFU ..

Here below the HIFU device benefits:

  1. Tightening loose skin, as a result of aging.
  2. Eliminate white lines (cellulite) radically.
  3. Treating hereditary premature aging.
  4. Tightening sagging skin resulting from losing excess weight.
  5. Treatment of sagging surrounding the mouth and nose that is not treated by other skin tightening procedures.
  6. In jaw contouring operations.
  7. Brow lift.
  8. Reducing the appearance of bags under the eyes.
  9. Losing excess weight.
  10. Remove fat and reshape it proportionally (waist sculpting – and hips).

HIFU treatment Advantages

The most important thing that distinguishes the use of the HIFU device in plastic surgery, from other plastic surgery procedures:

  • The ease of use of the HIFU device in the procedure of skin tightening, it can be carried by one hand.
  • Its power to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, unlike the laser, which penetrates only a few millimeters into the tissues.
  • It can be used in place of the use of threads and surgeries in a face and neck lift.
  • HIFU sessions are used on the outer surface of the skin, and there is no need to make cuts or incisions on the surface of the skin to apply it.
  • Delays the appearance of early wrinkles in cases of genetics.
  • It does not cause pain while using it.
  • It targets the deepest layers of the skin, unlike other operations that target only the surface layers of the skin.

HIFU treatment Results

Younger and younger skin, due to the stimulation of cells to re-secrete the collagen nourishing the skin.
The results are great and visible on the fine lines on the face (around the eyes and around the mouth), which other lift procedures cannot treat.
Beautifully tight skin and elegant.
Areas where we can use the HIFU device for skin tightening:

  • Facial area.
  • Neck area.
  • Chest area.
  • Abdominal area.
  • The waist area.
  • Thighs area.
  • Arms area.
  • Buttocks area.

The most responsive areas, and the best results in using HIFU for skin tightening:

The face and neck area is ranked first in obtaining good results with 99% of the success of using HIFU in tightening the skin, and the rates vary in other areas of the body.

HIFU treatment side effects

  • Red spots and minor swelling that disappear quickly about a day after the operation.
  • Simple pain in the form of stinging in the targeted skin.

Duration of the HIFU session

The time required for a face-lift operation differs from the time required for a thigh lift or abdomen lift, and other operations that use the HIFU device, and we will inform you about the approximate time period for each operation and the number of sessions required:

The number of sessions and the duration of time for HIFU face and neck lifting: ranges between 20-30 minutes, and the face and neck require one or two sessions.

The number of sessions and the length of time for a haifu tummy tuck: ranging from 30-45 minutes per session, and a haifu tummy tuck requires 6 sessions spread over six months, that is, at the rate of one session per month.

The number of sessions and the length of time for a haifu breast lift: 45 minutes per session, and the chest needs 6-7 sessions to get a taut and beautiful chest.

The number of sessions depends on the nature of the skin in the flabby areas. (read also about face-lift)

The cost of HIFU Treatment session

When we compare the cost of HIFU skin tightening with other surgeries, we find that HIFU is less expensive, despite its better results. Here is the cost of HIFU skin tightening in several countries:

The cost of HIFU skin tightening in Turkey: the cheapest and best, ranges between $ 1000-1500 per area.
The cost of a HIFU skin tightening in Egypt ranges between 19,000-66,000 EGP.
The cost of a HIFU skin tightening in America: ranges between 750-5500 USD.
The cost of a HIFU skin tightening in Iran: ranges between $ 500- $ 800 for each area, and if the lift for the entire face and neck ranges from $ 1000-2000 depending on the size of the area.

Finally, you can contact us via the link to inquire about the cost or visit our YouTube channel for more information.