Hemorrhoids Treatment in Turkey

Hemorrhoids Treatment in Turkey
Hemorrhoids Treatment in Turkey

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Hemorrhoids Treatment in Turkey


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Hemorrhoids treatment in Turkey Hemorrhoids are among the common problems, especially for men, which cause embarrassment even when consulting a doctor

In this article, Turk Esthetic talks about the details of hemorrhoids and their treatment.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are fleshy pieces located in the anus, which are divided into two types:

  • Internal function that seals the anus
  • External located outside the anus and has the same function

Hemorrhoids usually appear in people over the age of 30, and their appearance is helped by persistent or chronic constipation, and it affects both sexes.

As for the mechanism of its appearance, and with defecation and excessive pressure (due to constipation) the hemorrhoids fill with blood, so they lose their cohesion with the wall of the anal opening and come out, causing bleeding and pain

Examination and diagnosis (Hemorrhoids Treatment in Turkey)

  • External hemorrhoids can be visible to the doctor during the examination. As for internal hemorrhoids, they are diagnosed through an endoscopy with a small scope through the anus.
  • A distinction must be made between hemorrhoids and anal fistula, which is an external incision on the anus connected to the anal canal or rectum that causes bleeding and annoying pain during defecation, in addition to chronic secretions of yellow fluid.

Tips for hemorrhoids patients

  • Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly, which help with loose bowel movements, and avoid hard bowel movements for hemorrhoids
  • Avoid prolonged sitting
  • Avoid flushing the toilet
  • Use moisturizing creams

Surgical treatment

  • When failing to follow home and medicinal solutions, the patient usually resorts to surgery
  • Previously, the recovery period from surgical treatment was long and painful
  • Today, the procedure is accomplished simply and with a shorter recovery period, by using the BBH technique

PPH technology for treating hemorrhoids

  • Hemorrhoids are removed with this technique by means of a stapler through which the hemorrhoids are tightened inward and fixed in their natural place.
  • The technique is applied to areas without sensory nerves, so there is no pain during the procedure.
  • Hemorrhoids can be removed using smart energy devices, especially in chronic and complex cases, thus less local damage and shorter recovery.
  • Only the doctor can decide the best method for the operation according to the condition of each person separately

Turk Aesthetic and surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

Due to the sensitivity of the issue of hemorrhoids, most of those who suffer from this problem may prefer the possibility of pain to going and contraindicated despite the necessary need for treatment, thus it may cause complications and suffering associated with their lives, thus a more complex treatment.

Turk Aesthetic center, one of the most famous medical centers in Turkey, performs the treatment with excellent results through high medical technologies

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