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hair wash

Hair wash after hair transplant procedure The purpose of the hair wash after hair transplant procedure is cleaning the scalp of the tiny blood clots and crusts resulting from the healing process of the opened channels.

Also a regular continues hair wash makes the transplanted hair follicles grow easier.

Hair wash after hair transplant

There are several goals of hair wash after hair transplant procedure in turkey, the most important of which are:

  • Washing the scalp of crusts resulting from the opened channels.
  • Cleaning the small blood clots on the recipient area.
  • Release the transplanted hair follicles to make hair follicles grow easier.
  • Minimize the chances of harming the follicles that is why the patient cannot wash in the normal way.
  • Clean the donor area.


Here is a video that shows the correct hair wash method after hair transplant procedure in Turkey

Hair Wash Steps

  1. Before starting the hair wash

    Before beginning the wash the lotion is applied (moisturiser cream) to the recipient area and it has to stay on it for a period of 30 to 45 minutes.
    This cream or lotion softens and moisturises the recipient area to prepare it for washing and it makes crusts removal smoother and easier.

  2. While washing

    While washing for the first time after hair transplant procedure these steps are followed:
    The medical gauze is removed from the donor area.
    The medical team rinse the lotion with water gently and carefully.
    Then hair transplant special shampoo is applied to the transplanted follicles by patting it using just hands as explained in the previous video…
    The medical team rub the donor area well.
    Then they rinse the shampoo gently and make sure it does not stay on the scalp.

  3. After finishing

    After finishing washing, the medical team dry the scalp gently by applying tissue papers to absorb the water.
    It is best not to use a towel or a hair dryer to dry the head and to wait for it to dry automatically in order to not lose any of the transplanted follicles.


This should be done daily for 12 days after a hair transplant
On the 12th and last day of the wash crusts will appear on the transplanted areas, it is removed by rubbing the scalp gently in one direction from the back to the front during the wash.
When the wash is done after hair transplant procedure, after 12 days, the patient continues the wash process applying the normal method that he was using before the procedure without any fear.
It is preferable to use a special shampoo that does not contain chemicals, which harm the transplanted hair follicles.

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