Hair Transplantation For The Elderly

Hair transplantation for the elderly

Hair transplantation for the elderly possible? Often older people are encouraged and have more conviction to do hair transplantation.

According to statistics, the majority of cases that performed hair transplants who are over the age of seventy, the results for them were excellent and impressive and made a big difference in the shape also studies have shown that most cases that performed hair transplants were over the age of forty and they need to restore self-confidence and form again.

What are the best times for hair transplantation?

Often men begin to have hair loss from adolescence and stop at the age of forty or fifty years of age. Some are tired of the many treatments and drugs used as these treatments may only limit hair loss, not in all cases. for some, they need radical solutions and are seriously considering hair transplantation.

Most statistics say that men at an early age consume large amounts of treatments to reduce stopping hair loss to maintain a beautiful appearance.

Obstacles before performing the surgery

It is normal for the doctor and consultant when inquiries about hair transplantation come from patients have been over the age of fifty that the doctor be careful on the health of the patient and do a successful operation without any complications.

The patient may suffer from chronic diseases and must consider the patient’s condition before proceeding to avoid any risks during the process of hair transplantation. .

At the medical consultation, the patient should contact the doctor for any treatment or medication he has been using for a long time or if he has chronic diseases, for example:

  • Diabetes.
  • Pressure.
  • Chronic heart attacks.

If the patient has a large area of ​​baldness, it is best to have the procedure on two short sessions to avoid any complications due to the length of time the patient sits under the operation.

Among the cases requiring caution and taking into account the health situation:

  • Heart patients
  • Pressure
  • Diabetics and haemophilia

Other diseases that have to take a permanent treatment must explain his condition fully to the doctor in charge.

If the patient’s condition is fully explained to the doctor and there is no risk, he can perform a hair transplant.

Also, there are some drugs that reduce the ability of the blood to clot The doctor should see the medicines taken by the example of aspirin and Arvadin.

What the elderly aspire to carry out hair transplantation

The doctor, when examining the situation and diagnosing the situation of the patient puts the patient in full picture after the operation, and how the results are approximate.

Some elderly have questions like:

Does the hair dyed after planting acquire the same color, or regain the color white?
Can they color the hair immediately after the appearance of the hair or has to wait until the full appearance of the hair?
The change for older people after a long time when restoring hair and gain a nicer form and hair covering the scalp is a radical change. You can visit our YouTube channel at any time.

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