Hair Transplantation For Alopecia

Hair transplantation for alopecia

Hair transplantation for alopecia areata, usually the root solution for a patient with alopecia areata is hair transplantation. From the person to the other according to the response of the body of the patient and sometimes the patient does not respond to alopecia areate any prescribed medications by his doctor and we can say that the benefit of drugs is not certain and some results cured the patient permanently Let’s say that this varies from person to person depending on the patient’s response to treatment.

We all know that alopecia areata is a dysfunction of the immune system or a disorder. The reasons are not known. It leads to a sudden attack on all the hair of the body without exception, but most of the cases that came to us are either on the scalp or eyebrows, and it is unfortunate that this patient spreads without previous symptoms or stimulation of the occurrence of different ages and not exclusively for adults.

Hair Transplantation For Alopecia

Successful experiences of hair transplantation for alopecia patients

It is very difficult for the doctor to perform an operation for a patient alopecia but it is a challenge, and here are some of the successful experiences that have been mentioned to benefit others if the disease occurred.

A 24-year-old man who did not find any treatment or medication with him has not benefited or changed his condition. Indeed, the doctor treated him with psoralen and ultraviolet rays and then soon responded to this alum for treatment where he returned and grew his body hair again except the hair of his head and eyebrows.

His condition remained on this result for 17 months after many medications and treatments that were prescribed for him. When he found no response, the doctor suggested that he perform a transplantation of hair and eyebrows using the technique of porous unit. Very stunning, that a patient recovers alopecia areata hair and head hair that’s lost something he did not expect.

The end result after the first hair transplant procedure for alopecia patients

The patient must also have the will and desire to heal. Psychological work plays a big role in healing the patient. The young man has been on treatment for two years

The final results after planting have become distinctive eyebrows hair has become very dense and the hair of the head has recovered 80% of its previous form, and accordingly we can say that the consultation of the doctor and adhere to instructions and medications and treatments in addition to the psychological factor plays a major role in healing.

What made us mention this patient report is that it has made an additional contribution to internationally documented medical work on the new surgical methods used in the treatment of alopecia areata, which have yielded stable results.

If the injury is in the donor area how the doctor behaves?

Most surgeons agreed unanimously that the alopecia areata patient cannot perform hair transplantation and tadra cases in which the doctor can suggest to the patient to perform hair transplantation, but after several experiments carried out by people with alopecia areata was the last hope for them to restore their hair we can say That there is hope for recovery

If we experience a condition in which the donor area is attacked by the immune system and this causes hair loss from the donor area and the result is that the patient has complete baldness in the donor area, in this case resort to cloning hair follicles and here we have resorted to surgical treatment

Some drugs are prescribed for some cases such as small spots that appear and do not need surgery, and may be prescribed steroids or some steroids that are taken by injection and we can mention some medicines:

  • Calminoxidil.
  • Anthraline.
  • Methotresect.
  • Prednisone.

Finally, we must say that hair transplantation in Turkey has become very advanced from the previous in terms of expertise and doctors, and surgeons doctors in all countries of the world are talking about the amazing results obtained by some patients with alopecia areata after the operation of hair transplantation.

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