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FUE Transplant Donor Area

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FUE Transplant Donor Area


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FUE Transplant Donor Area hair transplant in Turkey

  • In hair transplant operation in Turkey, the donor area is one of the most important factors affecting hair transplant results.
    Whether positive or negative, the more dense and thicker the donor area hair is, the better the result of hair transplant will be. But the thinner the donor area hair is, the worse the result will be.
  • The hair in the donor area is the main element that defines the success rate of the operation and whether its result will satisfy the person who wishes to undergo hair transplant or not.

FUE Transplant Donor Area

It is the back of the scalp that contains healthy hair follicles, which will be transferred later to the recipient area and it is characterized by being immune to the hair loss factors like genetic factors and male hormones, this area hair cannot suffer from hair loss except for rare cases, that is why when hair follicles are transferred from this area to the recipient area, the hair continues to grow naturally and lasts permanently because it preserves its properties without being affected by hair loss factors.

The difference between FUE and FUT

  • In the past, using FUT technique used to leave scars along the width of the back of the head (donor area), between the ears, with a height of 1 cm.
  • While in the new transplantation technique, FUE, it does not leave any series scares, when transplantation stage is done, a few days later, no one will be able to notice that the patient has undergone hair transplant operation except for the field experts.
  • FUE technique is done by extracting the hair follicles and it does not apply any cutting or incision, the follicles are extracted by a micro-motor, a device with a very fine head. The follicles are picked up following a chessboard pattern in order to not affect the general appearance and the hair density.

Before hair transplant

  • Before hair transplant operation, the donor area must be fully shaved and sterilized with povidone solution, then the medical team begins applying local anesthesia.
  • After applying local anesthesia, the patient’s scalp begins to feel numb and then the patient will not feel anything.
  • Then, the necessary number of follicles will be harvested to be transplanted.

After hair transplant

How will you look after hair transplant in Turkey?

  • Is a question that worries many people who want to undergo hair transplant in Turkey.
  • After applying local anesthesia, a number of hair follicles are extracted from this area following a chessboard pattern.
  • A follicle is harvested while another is left respectively, in order to prevent the donor area from being weakened or deformed.
  • All that can be noticed in the patient’s scalp is a slight thinning of hair density in the donor area, which will not be noticeable when the hair grows back and everything comes back to normal.
  • After the doctor finishes the transplantation, the donor area is again sterilized to prevent any infections may happen due to external exposure, dust … etc.
  • In the first two days after transplantation, the donor area is covered with a bandage to be later uncovered on the second or third day after a hair transplant operation. The medical team will perform the first wash after hair transplant to explain the proper method of washing and to give you some important instructions to follow.
  • Antibiotics tablets and painkillers are given to the patient to prevent infections, as well as medicines containing substances that reduce the urge to scratch the transplanted area when it itches.

Why Donor area for hair transplant

  • Whether a donor area is good for transplantation or not is decided by hair transplant specialists.
  • You should consult an expert doctor and contact an appropriate center in Turkey.
  • ‏In some cases, the donor area hair is very thin or the color and structure of the hair are sort of weak.
  • Most details on this matter must be learned before making the decision.
  • The patient should not consider hair transplant cost as a measure because some fake centers or clinics exploit the desire of some people to regain their old hair appearance and take advantage of their psychological state for profit.
  • There can be some side effects or negative results due to a quick decision of not choosing the proper center or hospital, the most important of which are:
  • Not covering the recipient area enough.
  • Not having the desired density.
  • Donor area hair thinning or harvesting a lot of donor area grafts to fill the recipient area, which results in big white spots after several months.
  • And many other side effects.

Recommendations (FUE Transplant Donor Area)

  1. Choose the right hospital or center.
  2. Search deeply for the necessary information.
  3. Make sure the hospital or center is official and not fake.
  4. The person who wants to have his hair transplanted must also have thick, strong hair in his donor area.
  5. Because as we mentioned earlier, the stronger this area was, the more positive the result of the transplantation will be.

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