Hair VS Beard Transplant

the difference between hair transplant and beard transplant
Hair VS Beard Transplant

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Hair VS Beard Transplant


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Hair VS Beard Transplant is one of the most important questions what the difference between both procedures?

  • Our doctors and surgeons perform a primary check-up through the pictures that were sent to us, then the specialized doctor evaluates the case.
  • Beard and Mustache transplant procedure is done in case of bald patches or scars.
  • and in case of burns or patients who suffer from bald patches caused by Alopecia, we can cover the bald areas and redraw the beard.

As we know, most men who have empty patches in their beards as a result of an accident, a disease or other reasons make them unconfident, which leads them to shave their beards to hide the empty patches.

However, nowadays Turkey has developed a lot in hair, beard and mustache transplant field, therefore, there is no need for you to be worried because now you can look masculine more than ever.

Hair VS Beard Transplant

Most cases that undergo beard transplant are patients who suffer from bald areas or asymmetry in the hair beard density, some people think that we can increase the beard density and make the beard hair longer but still we do not have a magical wand, as we mentioned earlier beard transplant is simply the process of covering beard bald spots and scars, in some cases there is hair in the lower part of the beard or a small part in the sides of it. There is not any medical or disease condition for this case, the main reason is genetic factors.

Our specialist doctors in our hospital apply anesthesia on the donor area from which the grafts are taken, in a later step the recipient area is also anesthetized, of course, there is no need to shave the hair, we can harvest enough number of grafts to distribute it symmetrically on the beard and that takes an expert doctor to draw the beard lines symmetrically and correctly and a doctor who would not make the face look worse. The grafts are then transplanted in the same as the other hairs direction, otherwise, it will look unpleasant and take the form of needles in the beard.

After Procedure

After undergoing hair or beard transplant procedure, some swelling in the cheeks and the face may happen, which is normal because of the anesthesia, after a couple of days it will slightly peel and when applying the cream that was described by the doctor peeling will decrease, after that hair will start appearing, grafts growth takes the same time as hair growth takes, which is 4-8 months, hair beard appears gradually until hair growth is completed, in a period of a year.

Side effects

  • Some slight scars.
  • The patient might feel numb as a result of anesthesia.
  • Feeling the beard area Sharply.
  • In the case of asymmetric beard lines, some changes need to be done.

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