The Best Hair Transplant Center in Turkey 2021

The best hair transplant center in Turkey 2021 We always talk today about beauty. The first country of beauty must be mentioned, Turkey. It occupied advanced ranks in the world of cosmetics, and had the largest share in terms of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021. The number of visitors to it, according to the statistics of 2020, reached nearly two million Visitors and more than those seeking cosmetic medical tourism, and the operations that they came from their countries to perform in Turkey varied between cosmetic skin care and cosmetic dental implants, and the most requested hair transplant in Turkey 2021, due to the large number of hair transplant centers in it, and the doctors’ skill and long experience in the field of hair transplantation. Hair, also due to the diversity of hair transplant operations, which included (beard hair transplantation, mustache hair transplantation, and head hair transplantation for women and men), and it is famous for its prices that suit everyone in exchange for great services, but the problem of choosing the best center remains that worries us all, so we will explain to you Through our article today, the best center that provides its services in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021, in all respects.

The Turk Aesthetic Center, which is legally licensed in Turkey, offers you everything you need for a successful start to the success of your visit to Turkey in order to obtain satisfactory results in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021:

The most important points you should look for when choosing the best hair transplant center in Turkey 2021

The reputation of the center and the success of its experiments in hair transplantation in Turkey 2021.
The center is legally licensed, is it internationally accredited or not.
The experience of the center’s doctors in the field of hair transplantation.
Ask about the experiences of people who visited the center and got successful results.
The quality of medical care services provided by the center to visitors.
Modern medical techniques used in hair transplantation at the center.
Surely, by searching for the most important hair transplant centers in Turkey, you will see many names and centers that specialize in hair transplantation, but you will not be able to just search to identify the best and most suitable for you, so the Turk Aesthetic team chose for you the best famous doctors in Turkey with hair transplantation to deal with them and book appointments through them, and the Turk Aesthetic Center guarantees you the success of the operation, tourist accommodation and medical care suitable for all people of different nationalities and countries, whatever your language. For everything you need to get about hair transplantation in Turkey 2021.

After talking about the most important points that you should rely on in searching for the most successful and best hair transplant center in Turkey, we will get to know you about all the hair transplant techniques used in hair transplant centers in Turkey for the year 2021:

The methods and techniques of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021 varied greatly, and the two most important techniques were present in most centers:

FUE hair transplant technique.
Slide hair transplant technique.
But there are newer techniques than these two techniques that are unique to the best hair transplant centers in Turkey 2021, including:

Immediate hair transplant technique.
BHT hair transplantation technology, as these two technologies are the latest in the field of hair transplantation for 2021.

FUE hair transplant technique

A modern special technique that has successfully entered the world of hair transplantation, and its mechanism of action is based on removing a specific number of hair follicles from an area where the hair density is large, called the donor area, and re-implanting them in the area suffering from baldness or severe hair loss after the doctor makes incisions appropriate to the size of the hair. The harvested hair follicle and its implantation, the most important characteristic of this technique is that it needs local anesthesia and the patient can follow the process while talking to the doctor, a process with guaranteed results if it is done by a skilled doctor.

FUT hair transplant technique

It is considered primitive with regard to the development of modern techniques in hair transplantation, and it is characterized by several defects, including leaving visible scars in the area from which this slice is taken, but the results are good and the cases of its use began nearly two hundred years ago. The principle of this technique is based on taking a slice of skin that contains On thick hair and cut it into several sections and then re-implant it in the area suffering from baldness or total or partial hair loss, the scar left by this technique is covered by the surrounding hair, but there are many people who do not like this technique.

DHI hair transplant technique

A modern technique adopted by reputable and famous centers today in Turkey, and it is called the pen technique, similar to FUE technique, but the difference between them is that the pen technique relies on a pen-like tool, which is a modern tool that has entered the world of hair transplantation and is characterized by ease of use and better hair follicles are extracted. And faster than the normal FUE technique, used by doctors in people under the age of forty, because the percentage of hair loss is not total, and this technique achieves good results and gives thick hair compared to FUE technique and gives us hair with a direction similar to natural hair completely, but it is not suitable for all cases of hair transplant This is determined by the doctor who performs hair transplantation for the patient.

BHT Hair Transplant Technique

The technique of hair transplantation is similar to FUE with a slight development from it, as it has become possible to use other areas (chin – mustache – chest – legs in some cases) other than the back of the head to take the follicles from them and replant them in the scalp. This technique is given to people who suffer from total baldness And they have thick hair in other areas of the body.

Best hair transplant center in Turkey 2021

The Turk Aesthetic Center occupied a great and distinguished position, and within a short period of time it entered the world of cosmetics and medical tourism, and the largest share of its fame was successful hair transplants for the year 2021, dental implants and other cosmetic operations, and the many experiences that were documented by many people from Various European and American countries, as well as foreign visitors from outside Turkey evaluated the wonderful and respected center in all respects, as nearly 3000 visitors visited it with the intention of medical tourism during the years 2020 and 2021 to obtain a successful hair transplant.

Why Turk Aesthetic

Because it is a leading company in the fields of cosmetics in general, and the field of hair transplantation in particular, it was founded about seven years ago, and it is a company licensed by the Turkish government, and it gained fame in a record time and achieved remarkable success in attracting tourists and encouraging medical tourism in Turkey through integrated and coordinated work that It is carried out by its working team, and it was also able, through the services it provides, to meet the needs of visitors and patients coming from other countries, and to return to visit Turkey again with their families and friends to obtain successful medical and cosmetic experiences, as they obtained in their first visit.

Turk Aesthetic Center provides comprehensive services in various fields (Best Hair Transplant Center in Turkey 2021)

  • Free services regarding initial consultations, and inquiries about any plastic surgery or hair transplant in Turkey.
  • Visa Services.
  • Cosmetic services including dental surgeries, implants, treatment and everything related to cosmetic dentistry.
  • Skin tightening services for all parts of the body.
  • Hair transplantation services of all kinds (beard hair transplant – mustache hair transplant – head hair transplant).
  • Injection services of all kinds (filler and botox injections for lips – cheeks – chin – and palate).
  • Liposuction services from different parts of the body.
  • Modern fat injection services.
  • Body sculpting and body sculpting services.
  • Laser hair removal services.
  • Services related to chemical peeling and others and everything related to skin problems (pigmentation – traces of youth grains – scars – burns..etc).
  • Pick-up and drop-off services from the airport to the hospital and back.
  • Hotel accommodation services (reservations, stays, etc.).
  • Translation services to and from many languages, for foreign visitors coming from outside Turkey.

The Turk Aesthetic Center was distinguished by its services and its wide fame in the field of hair transplantation as a result of its enjoyment of several advantages, including:

  1. His contract with doctors who have a wide reputation in the field of cosmetics and distinguished experience.
  2. The cost of hair transplantation at the Turk Aesthetic Center ranges between 1500-5000 US dollars, it may increase or decrease according to the patient’s need for more hair follicles, or according to the transplantation technique that the doctor will use.
  3. Modern hair transplant techniques used.
  4. Medical and tourism care services.
  5. Follow-up and escort the patient from the first moment of his arrival to Turkey, while he is performing hair transplantation, and even continuing to follow up until he obtains guaranteed and guaranteed results, and even there are support sessions for transplantation provided by the center to its clients in particular (plasma and meso injections to nourish and care for the transplanted hair, and so on).
  6. Distinguished tourist services to entertain and learn about the splendor and beauty of Turkey as a tourist country that occupies the first ranks among the countries that have distinctive historical and modern sites and natural and archaeological reserves.
  7. The seasonal offers offered by the center periodically, which may sometimes reach half the cost, so that a larger number of visitors can benefit from the services of the Turk Aesthetic Center.
  8. Turk Aesthetic has the advantage of responding to all means of communication with the center quickly, providing comprehensive explanations about the center’s services, and answering all questions related to plastic surgery, tourism services, and comprehensive medical care provided by the center.

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