Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant


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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant is the washing process that the patient who has undergone a hair, eyebrow or beard transplant follows for a certain period of time (10 – 12 days) where the implanted grafts in the first period after hair transplant needs a certain care and washing method to get the best possible results, the transplanted area must not be directly touched by hand and must not be exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow.

  • The patient should be careful when getting on and off the car, he should be careful also while sleeping and wearing or taking off clothes, which is preferred to be a buttoned shirt in order to prevent hurting the newly transplanted grafts.
  • Hair wash after hair transplant must be done on a daily basis for an average of 12 days and must be done complying with the instructions of the medical team accurately.

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

  1. After hair, beard or eyebrow transplant is finished the patient is given two types of medication:
  2. The first type is the pills like antibiotics to reduce inflammation, painkillers, and pills to reduce the swellings that may happen after operation.
  3. The second type is external medicated shampoo and lotion, which should be used for 12 days:
  4. Apply the lotion to the transplanted area and wait about 40 minutes.
  5. Wash the lotion with cool water without rubbing.
  6. Make a foam between your hands with the shampoo given by the hospital.
  7. The transplanted area is gently tapped.
  8. The donor area and the other areas of the scalp are well rubbed.
  9. Wait a minute or two then wash them gently as well.
  10. Drying is done with a paper tissue by tapping it gently on the transplanted area.
  11. Do not use the normal drying methods like the towel, it just needs a gentle tapping on the head.
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  • This method of hair wash after hair transplant should be performed periodically for 12 days after the operation.
  • After hair transplant, this special wash helps the hair to grow again and cleans off the blood clots on it.
  • On the 12th day after transplant (the last day of special washing) a layer of crust is formed on the transplanted area, which should be removed by gentle rubbing during bathing.

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