Hair Transplant and Smoking

Smoking after hair transplant in one of the most important questions that patients asking before doing hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

Why does the doctor recommend to stop smoking?

The first question a patient asks during the operation breaks or at the end of the operation is whether he can smoke or not? The majority of people think that smoking only affects the heart and lungs, which is wrong. Smoking affects the whole body from foot to toe, which means that it has great risks to the body, especially for those who have undergone an operation or a surgery, that is why we have to be careful about it.

So we advise people who think about taking this step to stop smoking, as you all know, every surgery needs recovery time and smoking causes damage and a deterioration in the patient health, after hair transplant operation the patient must follow a healthy diet in order to provide all the vitamins that the hair needs, to also take its time to recover in order to prevent any complications.

Hair Transplant and Smoking

Most of the researches that were conducted by doctors and specialists say that smoking has great damage on hair where the statics show that 80% of people who smoke daily 30 cigarettes constantly put themselves at risk of hair loss, not mentioning the other risks.

Also, there is a Taiwan study that has taken place in 2007 says that in the case of an addicted smoker who smokes daily (10-20) cigarettes has a great effect on hair loss. In the year 2011, the plastic surgeon Bahman Guyuron has conducted research, its result was that men and women smokers have a bigger possibility of having hair loss than the rest of nonsmoker people.

Smoking affects blood flow and it prevents blood from reaching the scalp, which leads to losing the transplanted hair follicular.

How does it affect the results?

We can say as a conclusion, smoking negatively affects the hair and scalp and that is for people who do not have any other health problems, not to mention who have undergone surgery. We should note here that after hair transplant, hair grafts are moist, unstable and do not get enough blood flow to neutralizes it, After having a hair transplant, the patient needs a recovery period to rest by staying away from polluted air and smoking in order to guarantee a healthy hair growth and the stability of the grafts, to also protect the transplanted hair follicular from getting damaged.

Finally, we wish every smoker to have the ability and the strength to quit smoking to guarantee a healthy life.

Remember that hair transplant operation is a great money and time investment, you have limited hair grafts to be transplanted and maybe after that, you will not get a second chance to have another hair transplant operation, therefore try to be sure about what can you do to increase the chance of transplantation success, starting from planning to quit smoking two weeks before the operation if possible, also try not to go back to smoking at least during the period that the doctor determines it.

To guarantee long-term transplantation success you have to think seriously about quitting smoking forever if possible. You can anytime visit our Facebook page or contact us directly.

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