Plasma PRP Treatment

Plasma PRP Treatment
Plasma PRP Treatment

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Plasma PRP Treatment


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Plasma PRP Treatment ,Plasma is an interest of many people who want to have a hair transplant procedure, especially in Turkey.
What is this injection? Is it really beneficial or not? What are its advantages?

People have many important common questions, which their answers have not been found or they have received conflicting answers either because of inexperience or carelessness.

Here below some quick information about Plasma sessions:

AnesthesiaNo need
Process duration10 Minutes
Continuity of results12 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost200 USD

Plasma PRP Treatment Video

PRP Injection

The plasma is a liquid that is extracted from the patient blood itself and injected in a particular area that has a problem, for more information about plasma and its details you can visit our plasma injections PRP page, we will now explain the areas where plasma or PRP can be injected:

  • Plasma is injected in the head scalp to strengthen hair follicles; the person who performs PRP injection must be specialist in this field because it is a process that needs accuracy.
  • Plasma injection in the face to renew skin cells that have aging signs.
  • In some cases, PRP is for shoulder and knee joint effusion; it helps to heal the ligaments or joints that suffer from pain or a problem.
  • Doctors are still trying to develop plasma and use it as much as possible in many other therapeutic fields.

Plasma PRP for Hair

Many people think of plasma injections as a magical cure and some of them choose a centre according to it having plasma injection or not.
Dear reader, plasma injection is a treatment like any other treatment, it is used to treat hair loss where plasma injection should be performed every 20 or 30 days, especially those who suffer from genetic hair loss.

It is to be noted that plasma injection should be regularly received; the patient should complete the number of sessions recommended by the specialist, at least 6 sessions, one session per month or 20 days.

Plasma injection is sometimes performed after a day or two of hair transplant to strengthen the newly implanted grafts. Unfortunately, in some cases, the person who is performing hair transplant does not have enough experience in this field; that result in tricking the patient who has undergone a hair transplant procedure.

Good to consider..

When the patient asks about plasma injection that was agreed on as a part of the procedure they claim that it has been mixed with the grafts or was injected during the procedure, this is not true because the plasma is not injected during hair transplant, if the plasma is injected in the postoperative stage and while light bleeding continues for 10 minutes the injected PRP will be excluded with the blood, that is why the patient should not believe this false claim

Hospitals or medical center should not be chosen according to it having PRP injection or not. Many people undergo the operation without getting plasma injection, which they were promised to get.

The person who intends to undergo hair transplant procedure in Turkey should know that plasma injection is not a magical treatment; it is used to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair. Not getting plasma injection after hair transplant does not necessarily lead to hair transplant failure, but on the other hand plasma injection after two days of the procedure is beneficial in giving the grafts stability to growth.

Plasma PRP Treatment Cost

the cost for Plasma PRP treatment per (injection) is 200 USD.

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