Laser hair loss treatment

Laser hair loss treatment Hair gives its owner beauty and a younger look, and these days we see many young men, men and women who have had early baldness, and thanks to modern technology and hair transplantation technique, there is no longer a problem, and everyone can enjoy the young, beautiful appearance ..

The life cycle of a hair in the human head

The hair on the head goes through a full period of growth and fall to make room for others

In its early stages of growth, it is the stage of emergence when the follicle produces hair and continues for several years, as the hair increases 1 cm during one month at a normal rate, and the number of locks of hair on the head is between 100 thousand to 500 thousand hairs, and the natural loss reaches 10 hairs

After hair grows

Then the hair stops growing for several weeks, after which the hair begins to fall from the follicle, so that new hair grows.

Hair loss reasons

  1. Polluted environment,
  2. Sharp sunlight, especially hot summer days
  3. Not eating healthy and beneficial foods
  4. Not taking care of hair and moisturizing it sufficiently
  5. Lack of care and attention to the health, beauty and cleanliness of hair, its dryness and moisture, its exposure to impurities in the air, sunlight and lack of nutrition
  6. Genetics has an important role in hair loss. When some people reach a certain age, they become bald.
  7. Hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance naturally lead to hair loss
  8. The use of non-medicinal hair care products for hair causes dryness and hair loss and the use of chemical and unsafe hair color dyes have a major role in hair damage, dryness and burning, and thus hair loss.
  9. Tension, constant fatigue and discomfort are among the most important factors causing hair loss, as this leads to hormonal imbalance and causes hair to lose some of the important substances that nourish it.
  10. Postpartum disorders
  11. Disruption of the gland’s functioning
  12. Partial alopecia: It is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the skin, causing hair to fall out in separate areas of the head in the form of coin-sized bald spots.

Laser hair loss treatment

Laser hair loss treatment is one of the modern and proven methods that doctors used in treating hair loss, promoting hair growth, and stimulating hair follicles to reproduce hair from its roots.

And it has an important role to increase hair strength and density and reduce hair loss, especially after hair transplantation.

Lasers are used in combination with a vitamin group to treat hair loss and baldness.

Laser Types used in Treating

01- Cold red laser

The wavelength is 630 nm, 1000 milliwatts
And it helps to increase the activity of cells in the scalp and enhance the activity of blood circulation.

02- Cold blue laser

460 nanometers, 1000 milliwatts
It has an important role in eliminating harmful bacteria that cause hair loss.

03- Cold yellow laser

The wavelength is 580 nm and the capacity is 2000 milliwatts
It is important in eliminating allergies and hair loss.
Laser at a wavelength of 650 nm 320 milliwatts (invisible)
It has an important role in promoting and restoring collagen fibers and hair follicle activity.
The laser is of a wavelength of 808 nm and a capacity of 2200 milliwatts (invisible)
It stimulates blood and blood circulation and increases hair, health and scalp.
Laser hair growth devices have become a popular care device in the past few years to treat hair loss.

The cost of laser hair loss treatment

Lasers are an excellent and reliable alternative to hair growth and simple to surgical procedures in reducing and treating hair problems in. Medical devices rely on low-intensity laser energy (cold lasers) that penetrates deep into the scalp.

And stimulate blood circulation and restore the activity of hair follicles and stimulate them to grow and regenerate cells to produce collagen naturally.

Laser hair growth devices are differentiated according to the type of technology used, and the estimated prices of laser hair growth devices vary greatly, as the price of the iGrow device starts from $ 300 and may exceed $ 1000

Read more about hair transplant techniques or visit YouTube for more visual information.

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