Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the most important operations that led many people to visit Turkey in general and especially Istanbul to restore their hair.

Why choose Turk Aesthetic for having Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turk Aesthetic has many features to be the chosen place by most people who come to Turkey for hair transplant procedure or to find solutions to their hair loss problems, the most important reasons behind that:

  • work Accuracy and honesty (the number of transplanted follicles and its density).
  • A free consultation can be done with our medical team and specialists.
  • We are providing aftercare services by our medical team.
  • We have surgeons and a medical team with high experience and skills.
  • The high quality provided services (hospital, accommodation, transportation. etc.).
  • Former patients’ successful experiences (from all over the world).

Hair transplantation cost in Turkey 2018 in US dollars

Hair transplantation cost in Turk Aesthetic is suitable for the social categories in general compared to other countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, especially in 2018.

It is considered appropriate because of the following reasons:

  1. Affordable price, it ranges between $ 1,300 to US $ 2,300, which is equivalent to (5,000 SR – 8500 SR).
  2. We are providing high-quality services.
  3. The possibility of providing accommodation in the best hotels in Istanbul.
  4. The possibility of providing transportation (private VIP car).

Turk Aesthetic usually provides the following services to people who intend to have hair transplantation surgery:

  1. Implant the maximum number of hair follicular.
  2. PRP plasma to strengthen hair.
  3. Taking the patient from/to the airport.
  4. Accommodation in four-star
  5. We provide all the transportation from the hospital to the hotel and vice versa, by private car.
  6. A medical bag is provided after the transplant.
  7. A translator accompanies the patient in the hospital.

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The best place to perform hair transplantation surgery in the world

Nowadays, Turkey is one of the best places in the world for cosmetic procedures in general and hair transplantation particularly.

Turk Aesthetic is also one of the best places in the hair transplant field, which help people who intend to restore their hair and get rid of baldness to achieve the desired results with affordable cost.

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Hair transplantation Steps in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey, in general, has the same main steps:

  1. Medical examination and consultation:

    It is done by sending clear information and pictures by the person who intends to have the operation via WhatsApp, Viber, or via e-mail.
    After consulting the medical team, the medical advisor sends all the information about the surgery to the person who intends to restore his/her hair.

  2. Planning step

    The specialist will make marks on the area in which he/she will extract the hair follicles from, and determine the recipient areas.

  3. Harvesting step

    In this step, after sterilizing, applying anesthesia and shaving the donor area completely hair follicular are harvested from the donor area that is located in the back of the head, the follicular are preserved in a sterilized liquid until the implantation step

  4. Implantation step

    After drawing the front hairline and discussing this matter with the patient to choose the most appropriate line to fit his/her condition.
    In this step, incisions will be created in the areas where the new hair will be transplanted. Then the follicles will be implanted in these incisions.

What you should do before a hair transplant in Turkey

Before you go to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you should:

  1. Inform the medical advisor or the translator if you suffer from any diseases or allergies.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol at least one week before the surgery.
  3. Reduce smoking as much as possible before, during, and after the procedure.
  4. Inform the medical advisor if you use any medication.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes on the surgery day.

Are you the right candidate for hair transplant surgery in Turkey?

First of all, if you intend to perform hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, this year 2018, you should send all the following information about you to the medical advisor, then your case will be discussed and whether it is suitable for this procedure or not:

  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Health condition.
  • Weight.
  • Height.
  • Diseases you suffer from if any.
  • The used Medicines, if any.
  • Allergic to certain medications, if any.
  • Please provide us with some clear pictures of the scalp from several angles to check your case.

The PRP fact (Platelet Rich Plasma) a tonic for hair

PRP plasma has a significant and useful role not only for hair, but it has benefits for many other things and uses. The most important uses of PRP plasma are:

  • Plasma injection of the face.
  • Plasma injection of hair.
  • After specific processes, such as fat injection.
  • Treatment for ligament rupture and joint pain.
  • Treatment for hair loss.

However, most patients think that plasma injection is magic, and they exaggerate its importance.

One of the most important things that help the plasma injection success and achieving its desired benefit is having it regularly once a month for 6 or 8 months.

The Results

Once the hair transplant in Turkey is over, the hair begins to grow irregularly.

The patient goes through three main stages to get the final result:

Washing stage:

The medical team will explain a particular way of washing the hair. The patient should follow it for 12 days.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Temporary falling out stage:

After finishing the stage of hair washing in a particular way for 12 days, the patient returns to normal life and begins to wash his/her hair as usual but gently.

New hair growth stage:

At the beginning of the third month, the transplanted hair begins to grow again after the follicles are gradually stabilized.

After six months, the patient gets 50 % of the transplanted hair. The new hair continues to grow, and the hair density increases up to 9 months and may be delayed up to a year.

How do I take care of my hair after operation

Some factors increase the chance of procedure success, such as:

  • Regular PRP plasma sessions after transplantation for 6 or 8 months.
  • Use tonics and vitamin pills containing iron, zinc, and biotin tonic for hair.
  • Stay away from chemical products, such as gel, hairspray, and shampoos that contain chemicals.
  • Follow the instructions given by doctors and the medical team.

Side effects after hair transplantation in Turkey

Any process is associated with some of the side effects; also, the  hair transplantation procedure is accompanied by some side effects, such as:

  • Temporary redness in the transplanted area and the donor area.
  • Mild itching in both areas.
  • Uncomfortable sleeping positions in the first and second days after transplantation.
  • Mild bleeding in the donor area, on the following day after the procedure.
  • Some crusts will appear on the transplanted area at the end of the washing days, as a result of the follicles integration in their new place.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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