Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair transplant side effects, many people fear of having side effects or a hair transplant procedure associated pain.

We will explain to you all the details about hair transplant and most of the things that raise questions by people who intend to have a hair transplant. In fact, hair transplant like any other procedure is accompanied by some slight effects that disappear within a few days, the most important side effects of hair transplant are.

Hair Transplant Side Effects

After a hair transplant procedure, red spots are formed in the transplanted area due to opening new channels to insert the extracted hair follicles into it.

These spots become very clear and red on the first and second day after the procedure. This redness is reduced mostly on the second and third day after transplantation, and that is after the medical team applies the first wash and remove the bandages from the donor area. Skin swelling is also one of hair transplant side effects.

01- Skin swelling in the forehead and around the eyes

It should be noted that in some cases and not in all of them, in the first days after hair transplantation, especially the first and second one, swelling under the skin may happen and It may cause concern and fear for some people.

But it is very normal and not considered as a side effect. It is sterile water that is injected under the transplanted area skin to separate the skin from the scalp during transplantation. What happens is that these fluids try to leave the body, the body also tries to expel them that is why it is spread under the skin and eyes then the swelling disappear completely during the early days of the procedure, in order to reduce these side effects as much as possible:

The person who had a hair transplant is advised to:

  1. Lie on his back as much as possible.
  2. Drink enough fluids.
  3. Reduce as much salt as possible.
  4. Refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks.
  5. After a hair transplant procedure, stop smoking for at least 7 days.

02- Skin infections and pus in the transplanted area

In some cases, skin infections occur in the transplanted area for several reasons:

  • The patient who had hair transplantation did not follow the doctor and the medical team instructions.
  • In case he had neglected using the medications and antibiotics regularly.
  • As a result to the patient exposure to air pollution or not taking enough rest in the first few days after transplantation, in this case, the transplanted area should be sterile with special solutions and antibiotic tablets are given to use regularly so it can be treated. however, if the inflammation did not heal you have to see your doctor at once.

Hair Transplant Aftercare Instructions

  • The person who has undergone hair transplantation should not be exposed to sunlight for long hours.
  • Stay away from pollution to reduce the expected negative effects as much as possible.
  • You should choose the right hospital or center for a hair transplant procedure.
  • Do not be deceived by an attractive offer or commercial.

In short, this is the symptoms that may occur in some cases after hair transplant but it may not appear at all, whereas most people do not suffer from any side effects after hair transplantation.

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