Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplant procedures in Turkey as we all know, in the case of hair loss and male-female pattern baldness, it is difficult to retrieve the old look of the hair by following old methods and solutions such as (natural treatments based on mixing oils with other different natural ingredients).

Therefore, we see many people suffering from hair loss and male-female pattern baldness undergo hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Procedures

This procedure has recently become famous and very popular in all European, Arab countries, which depends on transplanting natural hair taken from the same treated patient.

Also because of the side effects that it causes in the scalp like infections and other complications, therefore, natural hair transplant came to solve all those problems caused by the artificial hair transplant procedure.

This procedure is considered easy and simple, in which the patient gets great and lasting results. Before starting natural hair transplant procedure, we have to determine the main cause of hair loss and baldness, physicians can properly fix the main problem through some medical tests.

  • Natural hair transplant is the ideal solution for anyone suffering from hair loss or male pattern baldness, to get the desired results you should choose the right time to undergo this procedure.
  • People who suffer from hair loss or baldness due to genetic factor, or hair loss at the front part of the scalp while they have thick hair on the sides and back part of the scalp, can undergo the procedure where the specialist doctor take the natural hair grafts from the donor area, and implant it in the recipient area that needs to be treated.
  • When the cause of hair loss is due to physical diseases such as cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or caused by bald patches on the scalp (alopecia), or complete hair loss due to alopecia, in this case, natural hair transplant is not useful and impossible.
  • In the case of natural hair transplant for men, hair loss problem should be in a stable state or close to stability, so that we can ensure the patient the results that fit him and in order to not get a scalp that is full in the front part and thin or empty in the side parts of it

because of hair loss instability, that is why specialists recommend natural hair transplant for the patients who are 30 years old and above.

  • There are cases where hair loss is caused by non-genetic factors, these cases cannot be treated surgically. Therefore, doctors advise this procedure for people over 30 years old, along with performing the necessary examinations and laboratory tests to confirm the main causes of hair loss.
  • There are proceedings to be followed before the procedure of natural hair transplant such as taking some medications for a while before undergoing the procedure. Some other cases require undergoing more than one transplant session to get the appropriate natural form that was aspired to have.

 Technique types

Many procedures cannot be classified as surgical procedures, including natural hair transplant procedure, the first time it was performed was in 1950 where it was divided into two types of procedures:

  • Type I: (Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT) This method was used in the early stages of hair transplant, by taking a small strip of the donor area skin and divided it into small slices each containing one hair graft or two, and then preimplant these grafts in the recipient area by making very fine channels, every channel’s size is 0.25 millimeters. These channels are automatically closed on the transplanted hair grafts and the donor area is stitched.
  • Type II: (Follicular Unit Extraction FUE) This method is used in the natural hair transplant procedure.

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