Hair Transplant Pain

Hair transplant pain in Turkey, a person who intends to undergo a hair transplant procedure especially in Turkey the first thing that comes to his mind is what kind of pain is associated with this procedure and is it endurable or not?

Let us explain what is the pain of hair transplant procedure using Follicular Unit Extraction FUE technique.

The pain associated with hair transplant procedure in Turkey is slight and endurable, it only occurs during local anesthesia where applying local anesthesia to the donor area lasts two minutes and before starting the transplantation, the recipient area is also local anesthetized for two minutes, once the back of the head is shaved and the donor area (from  which hair grafts are harvested), recipient area (transplanted area) lines are drawn, local anesthesia stage begins.

Hair Transplant Pain

Starting with Anesthesia which is:

  • Stage that begins before starting a hair transplant procedure, injecting narcotic drugs under the skin with a fine needle.
  • It is only a matter of a minute or two until the whole area is anesthetized and the patient loses the sensation of this area.
  • Usually, anesthesia continues until the donor and recipient area (the spots where the grafts were taken and transplanted) heals.

Local anesthesia is performed in a hair transplant procedure in two steps:

  1. The first step: local anesthesia is applied to the donor area before harvesting the hair follicles where this stage is done without feeling any pain at all.
  2. The next step: before opening the channels in the recipient area that will hold the transplanted hair grafts, the medical team applies local anesthesia to the area.

General or Local Anesthesia

  • General anesthesia or sedation is a new innovative technique for people who have a great fear of an anesthetic needle.
  • Before 6 Hours of the operation, the patient is prevented from eating or drinking anything.
  • The patient is anesthetized for a few minutes in which he becomes in a subconscious state, during this short period local anesthesia is applied.
  • In this case, local anesthesia is applied without pain.
  • It should be noted that a small proportion of patients may be somewhat responsive during anesthesia.

Other Notes…

  • Local anesthesia in a hair transplant procedure in Turkey does not cause that great pain that some people think it may cause, it is considered endurable by most people, the perfect evidence is that dozens of people have undergone a hair transplant procedure in Turkey without any problems.
  • There is a certain purpose that encourages the patients to endure the pain of hair transplant procedure, which is regaining their hair back and it is a simple pain that lasts for two or three minutes and the way around is true as well where a normal person would not bear any pain even for a second.
  • Some people also think that there is a post-operative pain in hair transplant or that pain occurs on the day after a hair transplant procedure.
  • We want to assure you that in rare cases, some slight pain may happen, which we prescribe painkillers to treat it.
  • We noticed that the majority of patients don’t even use the prescribed painkiller and when they are asked why their answer is “we did not need to use it at all”.

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