Hair Transplant Candidates

Hair Transplant Candidates a person who intends to undergo a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is very important and he must consider two important factors:

The first factor is for example, when the patient is older than thirty, for an older age the specialist should not draw the hair front line down it would give an unacceptable appearance, the forehead size should be a bit wider to fit with the patient age and face shape either. As for the other case, if the patient is younger than thirty then the hairline should not be lifted for he will look older.
And here lies the medical team experience in giving a suitable look and advising the person wishing to undergo hair transplant with the appropriate shape according to their hair transplant experience.

The second factor is the age should be considered in terms of patient health if he has chronic diseases like blood pressure, heart or sugar. The patient should inform the medical team about any chronic or temporary diseases if found, you can get more information about Hair transplant for diabetics, and in case the patient suffers from any contagious diseases such as liver infections and its degrees, AIDS or blood clotting disorders, these cases are dangerous for the patient himself and for the medical team.

Hair Transplant Candidates

Most of the medical teams must be vaccinated against these kinds of infections and diseases, but in order to take more caution and to ensure the patient and the staff safety, for this reason, blood tests are performed before entering the procedure room and to ensure that he is free of infectious diseases.

In some cases, hair colour is dark and dense, which plays a positive role in the procedure results. In other cases, hair colour is thin and light coloured; this should be considered in terms of opening more channels and implanting more hair follicular in the recipient area, on the opposite of the dark hair case, it is also preferred to implant strong follicles containing more than one hair to get the best positive results in the recipient area.

Health condition

A patient who wishes to have a hair transplant should not suffer from any of the diseases that affect hair transplant procedure success such as advanced neurological disorders, kidney disease, heart disease or hemorrhagic diseases, blood clotting or skin diseases such as yeast infection, eczema, allergies, heart diseases or high degrees burns.
Where the success rate decreases in these cases, you should consult your doctor and take the necessary recommendations.
A person who intends to undergo hair transplant should stay as far away as possible from harmful substances for a period before and after hair transplant in Turkey, such as smoking, alcohol, soft drinks, hookah, drinks containing caffeine, energy drinks and to avoid big efforts in this period to increase the procedure success rate as much as possible and never hide any diseases from the medical team and doctors.

Hair transplant is suitable for all patients according to the treated area and baldness stage

In order for the person to get a natural appearance as much as possible, the largest available number of follicles in the donor area is taken and transplanted back to the treated area that needs implanting and densifying due to the importance of this area and its impact on the general appearance.
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