Hair Transplant In Istanbul Turkey

Hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey 2020 ranked first in the world in the field of hair transplant. In our current year and with the development of everything around us, even hair transplantation has taken a share in the development, as more than one method of hair transplantation was invented.

Hair Transplant – Quick Information

Procedure Duration6-7 Hours
Recovery periodNext day after process can back to normal life considering special hair wash
ResultsStart after 3 months & complete within 9 Months
Results continuityLifetime
Turk Aesthetic Cost1000 USD FUE / 1500 USD DHI

Hair Transplant In Istanbul Turkey – Video

Before and After – Hair transplant In Istanbul Turkey

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey takes place, but before that there are several stages. Whoever wants to transplant hair must undergo for a consultation and the doctor decides if the condition is suitable for transplantation and if it is appropriate, how many follicles can be transplanted, depending on the donor area which is the back side of the head and on the space in the head a number is chosen, Bulbs can be transplanted.

After the first consultation or the first visit to the doctor, it will be agreed on the number of follicles that will be transplanted.

After that a medical file is created for the customer that contains answers to important questions, and then the steps follow:

  • Health status.
  • The name.
  • Age.
  • Operations have been performed before.
  • The presence of any chronic disease.
  • The presence of a specific medicines to be taken.
  • Allergy to a specific medicine.
  • Alcohol and smoking.

They are all important questions that are well evaluated.

Hair transplant steps

Medical tests

Blood is taken from the customer and examined to ensure that there are no diseases or symptoms that may prevent the hair transplant process from occurring and make sure that there are no infectious diseases.


The customer enters the hair transplantation room, which is completely sterilized. In the first step in the room, the hair is shaved either from the entire head or only from the donor area, and that is decided by the doctor, of course.


It sterilizes the head very well in preparation for the application of local anesthesia, which is placed by means of a very soft injection under the skin that does not cause much pain except in a simple way. Currently, new anesthesia technology is available without pain.

The phase of extracting follicles and opening pores

The extraction of follicles begins from the donor area. After completion of the extraction, the doctor opens the pores in the spaces of the voids with certain very precise medical tools from 1 mm to 1.3 mm and then begins the process of transplanting the extracted follicles.

After the hair transplant is completed, the doctor gives important directions and information to the customer who must follow to ensure the operation is 100% successful, the infp. Are:

  • The sleep method that the customer must follow, this step is very important.
  • Medicines that can be used after transplantation.
  • And important instructions for daily life.

And private washing after the operation, washing is very important, the goal is to:

  1. Clean the donor area.
  2. Clean the remaining blood points after hair transplantation.
  3. Get rid of the crust that forms after opening the pores.
  4. And facilitate the growth of cultivated hair.

Hair washing after process

Before starting washing, apply a cream to soften the transplanted area for hair and wait for a period ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. This cream or lotion prepares the transplanted area for washing, which also facilitates the disposal of dandruff.

After finishing the washing, drying should be with soft tissue. It is not recommended to use towels and hair dryers (blow dryers), and it is preferable to wait for the head to dry automatically, so as not to damage the transplanted hair.

Note: Washing should continue in the same way as it is done for the first time in the center for 12 days, and at that time a crust may appear in the transplanted area, it can be removed by light scrubbing in one direction from the back to the front during the shower. It is also preferable to use chemical-free preparations.

Is hair transplant painful?

As we had previously mentioned, as a result of daily developments, the process is not considered as a painful process at all, except for the anesthesia stage, except that this stage does not feel any pain, and currently the person cannot feel the pain of anesthesia as well, because of  the anesthesia’s technique without pain, as the person can do the total sedation to not feel anything during the process.

Hair transplant methods

Hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey is characterized by the multiplicity of existing technologies in order to obtain good results, and we mention some of the techniques:

  1. FUT

    Most famous and traditional method of hair transplantation in Turkey and the worldhair transplant fut

  2. FUE

    One of the most famous and latest technologies in Istanbul and the world as well.Hair Transplant FUE

  3. DHI

    This technique is preferred for use in small and delicate areas, such as eyebrows and mustaches, and it is called CHOI Hair Penhair transplant dhi technique

  4. Percutaneous and Saffir technology

    also become a popular technique today, and hair transplant specialists are developing techniques on a daily basis to obtain more positive results as possible.

the Results

The results begin to appear after three months, when the hair starts to grow after  6 months, showing the maximum result of the transplanted hair.

It is worth noting that the hair transplanted in the first period from transplantation until the beginning of the third month falls temporarily and then begins to grow permanently as the maximum result appears in the sixth month and the intensity increase continues until the year where it is considered the last time for the results to appear.

The cost of hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of hair transplantation varies according to several factors, the most important are:

  • The area to be transplanted.
  • The approximate number of follicles
  • The used technique.

There are other factors that may change the cost, such as the time, the need to use hair from the body, etc. To get more details for your case, you can contact us at any time. You can also visit our YouTube channel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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