Hair Transplant Guarantee

Hair transplant guarantee has raised in the social media a lot of arguments and questions about what is this warrant.
Is it real or is it just ink on a paper? In this article, this is what we will explain to you in detail:
The warrant of a Hair or beard transplantation or any other procedure whether cosmetic or non-cosmetic does not exist and is not true.
Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the patient should take caution from all the people who grant a warranty or guarantee paper because it is just ink on a paper.

Hair Transplant Guarantee

This considered fake and illogical for the following reasons:

  • The operation failure
  • In case one of the mentioned above procedures (hair and beard transplant or plastic surgery) fails.
  • What will the warranty card do physically?
  • If hair transplant procedure has failed, the warranty card will not be able to correct the mistake that was a result of negligent or lack of competence and experience in a certain field.
  • warranty card (guarantee) inefficacy
  • Most of the cases where people who have been granted a hair transplant warranty card in one of the centers or hospitals in generally in Turkey and especially in Istanbul city have tried to use their right to claim compensation as a result of a failure or some mistake in the procedure and most of them failed to do so.

All of which resulted in holding the patient responsible for it, and it causes him anxiety for two reasons:

  1. Having undesired results.
  2. The inefficacy of the warranty or so-called guarantee card, which proved it to be just a normal plain paper.

The truth

  • Officially, there is no such thing as a warranty card or a guarantee for a surgical operation. No surgeon has the authority to grant such a card for hair transplant or any other procedure.
  • Quite simply, the hospital, doctor, or medical team that has performed the operation does not hold themselves responsible for a patient’s neglect or if he has not committed to the main instructions.

We all know that a large proportion of people cannot comply with the simplest instructions, the most important of which are:

  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Stay away from sexual intercourse for a whole week.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight after a hair transplant.
  • And many instructions that get the patient good results if it was followed and applied strictly.
  • So, in that case, the patient is the only responsible for the failure of these operations.
  • The real warranty of a hospital or a center is to do their job perfectly, and this is where the center or hospital job ends.
  • So, you should be careful about choosing the right place because you will not be able to restore your hair if the procedure fails in the worst-case scenario.

Before hair transplant

  • If you intend to undergo plastic surgery or a hair transplant, it is preferable to contact only the specialists.
  • It is also recommended to learn and read about most of the procedure details that you intend to undergo in Turkey.
  • Do not give a warranty card, PRP injections or advertisement any attention.
  • Make sure that the official location, experience, and credibility is available in the hospital or the medical center data.
  • Some centers give a card explaining the implanted follicles number in case of a hair, beard, eyebrow transplant, it also includes the procedure duration.
  • It is just the details of the procedure and is not a warranty card or the like.

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