Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant in Turkey is one of the best solutions for baldness where hair loss in women is associated with genetic and age factors and is affected by hormonal changes in women body.

Using Minoxidil is a primary treatment to reduce hair loss in women, and may help to stop it completely.

But when women become tired of depending on the temporary solutions such as wigs, medical treatments, and hair-enhancing materials, they are gradually convinced that hair transplant is a permanent and comfortable solution that increases their self-confidence and beauty.

Today, hair transplant for women in Turkey is one of the most important and popular topics in Turkey and abroad.

Turkey’s largest and most prestigious hospitals offer hair transplant and cosmetic services to both men and women.

Hair loss problem (baldness) is not just concerning men but also women, where medical statistics have shown that female pattern baldness has a convergent rate to male pattern baldness rate, wherein Saudi Arabia, it reaches 1/6 of women and 1/5 of men.

Female Hair Transplant

There are about 100-200 hairs in the scalp, and from each hair follicular grow one hair or more. This hair grows at a rate of 1 cm per month. After two years, the hair enters the resting phase (Telogen phase), which at the end of it hair falls.

A normal person loses about 50 to 100 hairs a day and newer hairs start to grow if the hair growth cycle is normal.
Baldness problem (in women and men) appears in case of a slow hair growth cycle, or if hair density decreases. Over time, a man or a woman suffering from hair loss will notice a change in their hair look.

Many people who have lost their hair (partially or completely) are convinced that hair transplant and plastic surgery can help reshape the hair in a way that fits the face; there are many ways to transplant and reshape the hair:

Natural hair transplant

Hair transplant is performed in Turkey by transferring hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) to the scalp front area (recipient area).

This is done in case there is no genetic predisposition for hair loss in the donor area, unlike the follicles in the scalp front area and this what reassure that the implanted hair will not fall after the operation.

The back of ​​the head area density is usually high, so it does not show any changes or side effects after hair transplant procedure, especially for women.

Latest Technique

In the following we will explain shortly the latest methods of hair transplant for women:

01- Hair transplant using needles

The specialist takes a skin strip from the back of the scalp (FUT technique) and sews the two sides of skin together.
Then he takes the fine hairs from the skin strip and places it on a special medical needle to implant it in the recipient area (the baldness area).

Turk Aesthetic experts assure that using needles in hair transplant leaves no trace in the recipient area.
It also provides the possibility of implantation in close distances, which results in high hair density; especially women who want to increase the density of the front hairline (fringe).
Hair transplant using needles offers a guaranteed solution for anyone who wants to undergo beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes transplant.

02- Micro motor for Hair transplant

This is a modern and more suitable method for women than men. It is based on a special device that extracts the hair follicular (micro motor) from the back of the head and implants it directly in the recipient area (baldness area).

This method (FUE technique) provides speed to hair transplant procedure so that a person can have a large number of hair follicles implanted during the same session.
The person can leave the hospital after the operation and can go back to his normal life immediately after the operation.

Good to Consider…

  • Some newly implanted hair may fall off but the follicle remains intact, as new hair grows to cover the entire implanted area.
  • The new hair growth process takes about (9 weeks – 3 months).
  • Important instructions that should be considered in the (15 days) after a hair transplant procedure:
  • Stay away from hard work out.
  • Avoid carrying heavy objects and working hard.
  • Avoid sex for 11 days.
  • The implanted area should be protected from the sun when going out in the first week after the operation by covering it with a hat, etc.
  • After the operation, some patients may need bandages on the donor area for a few days.

Women now can undergo hair transplant without hair shaving or any incisions resulted from DHI technique.

03- Synthetic hair transplant

  • Specialists perform Synthetic hair transplant with its various kinds in terms of color, type and hair direction by using a special device.
  • A woman can determine the implanted hair amount during the same session and can repeat the transplant procedure until it reaches the density that will fit her.
  • The doctor uses local anaesthesia so that the patient can follow up with him in all the procedure stages.
  • The patient may need painkillers after transplant, and some hair may fall during the first 9 months after the operation, but it does not exceed 9% of the cases.
  • It is advised not to wash the hair before 3 days of the transplantation.
  • You can also contact us at any time and send us your photos for a free consultation or ask about Female Hair Transplant in Turk Aesthetic in Turkey.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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