Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost in Turkey raises many questions for people who want to undergo hair transplant, especially in Turkey.

  • What is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey and what are the main reasons that affect the cost changing from patient to another?
  • What are the suitable limits of these prices (minimum cost, maximum cost)?
  • hair transplant cost is the amount of money that the patient pays for a hair transplant service.
  • The big change and difference in prices have raised many questions by some people who want to have a hair transplant because they can no longer determine the acceptable cost.
  • this great difference in the price has become questionable by some and uncertain among others…
  • The cost in Turkey is one of the most suitable and competitive in the whole world, that’s why Turkey is a destination for hundreds, sometimes thousands, daily visitors coming for a holiday or tourism.
  • During tourism, some people undergo cosmetic surgery or have hair transplant.
  • it is one of the main reasons why Turkey has become the main destination for hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost

There are many factors help people to have the decision of hair transplant in Turkey like:

01- Affordable cost

  • Where the patient can undergo hair transplant and at the same time can take tours and spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Istanbul).
  • All of that is for a very small amount of money that does not equal 25% of the same operation cost (hair transplant, e.g.) in his country.
  • Where the cost in Turkey is suitable for a very large segment of society and is not exaggerated at all.
  • All you have to do is choose the right place, make sure it has official papers, which proves that it represents a real hospital and it is not only a website on the internet or a fake center.
  • You will be the only one responsible for the result of your decision that’s why you should take your time and take the right decision.The second and most encouraging reason for having hair transplant in Turkey is:

02- The successful results

  • The successful results of most cosmetic operations, especially hair transplant is the second encouraging reason why Turkey is the main destination in the East and the whole world for having hair transplant.
  • The long experience has positively affected the final results of cosmetic operations and the cost in Turkey.
  • By 2019, this experience and results reached the highest rates.

Nowadays, doctors and hospitals working in this field are developing methods and techniques used day by day to come up with the best and easiest methods and reaching the best results.

03- Turkey’s location (Hair transplant cost)

  • ‏The important strategic location of Turkey and Istanbul has made Turkey one of the most important destinations in 2019.
  • Where the number of people coming to this city has increased because of cosmetic operations, hair transplant, beard or eyebrow transplant.
  • Because it is located between the Middle East and the rest of the countries, most people can reach Turkey within a few hours to undergo an operation and then return within 3 or 4 days only.


  • Some fake centers (websites only) that do not represent any official centers use the ignorance of some people about the cost of hair transplant in Turkey, especially in 2019. So please make sure that the center has all the official papers.
  • Where these centers either ask for fancy price and higher than the usual cost of hair transplant, or very low prices, which is also doubted in terms of illegality or weak experience.
  • Please be careful before you make a decision and search for the right place.
  • The average cost of hair transplant in Turkey for this year (2019) ranges from 1000 to 1700 dollars in most official centers.
  • The cost changes according to the transplanted area and its size. The cost can be also changed a little due to the currency exchange. Contact us or visit our youtube channel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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