Hair Loss Post Transplant

Hair Loss Post Transplant one of the most important questions that the patients asks before doing hair transplant procedure.

Patients often may be concerned about hair transplant procedure and may have a lot of questions and inquiries about it, the most important of which:

  • Will the transplanted hair fall out?
  • What are the reasons for hair loss after hair transplant?
  • Will the hair be denes after transplantation and will I regain my former look?

And of course, they ask a lot and search for answers to limit their concerns by either asking friends who have had an experience with hair transplant or by asking different websites.

Hair Loss Post Transplant

At this point we would like to say to them that:

  1. Hair transplant is not that complicated nor a hard experience, we can simplify it by saying it is the proses of moving or transferring grafts from dense area to bald area.
  2. There is no need to worry about it, you just need to commit to the instructions that the doctor recommends you to do to get the best results.

We can shorten it with a few words, it is the soil that the transplanted grafts grow in it, the more the soil is healthy the more we get a good and healthy hair, however, if it has problems the hair will be brittle and damaged.

Hair structure (Hair Loss After Hair Transplant)

Hair is protein appendages that grow on the human body. It consists of biologic components like keratin, a little of non-living cells and some components that cause harm to the body, a hair is made up of three parts:

  1. The hard layer, the exterior shell.
  2. The middle layer contains the middle shell.
  3. And then there is the cavity that holds the hair bulb.

The estimated number of hairs on just the scalp part of the human is between 1,500,000 and six million hairs.

During Transplant Process

During hair transplant it is normal to transfer a number of hair grafts from (the strongest densest area) the donor area, it gives the recipient area hair grafts to grow gradually until they take the scalp’s hair length and nature, after that the transplanted hair continues to grow without falling out till the end of the patient’s life.

This method is used for both male and female pattern baldness that has no solution but hair transplant.

We also notice that the donor area in the patients who have advanced male pattern baldness still has its hair grafts.

The donor area is considered as the strongest area because it resists hair loss, male-female pattern baldness, and hormonal imbalance.

So the grafts that were transferred from the donor area to the recipient area will guarantee the patients a good result because in the future the possibility of losing the transplanted hair will be so small and with age, it will fall out slightly in a normal way.

Hair transplant operation is for covering and treating the baldness and scares areas, we cannot use the whole donor area grafts to cover the baldness in the front area because it can result in great harm to the donor area. when we distribute evenly the grafts to the baldness areas we would have a successful operation with a good covering, after that the patient can go out with a naturally beautiful look and a healthy shiny hair.

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