Frontline hair transplant

Frontline hair transplant
Frontline hair transplant

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Frontline hair transplant


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Frontline hair transplant for hair is one of the most important steps of hair transplant procedure.

At a young age, hair is thick and the lines are naturally drawn in a way that fits our age. However, when hair loss begins, which often starts from the sides of the scalp and continues to expand to the frontal hairline, it leads to losing track of the former hairline and here comes the doctor experience in drawing the hairline again by determining where the frontal hairline starts. You can find a big difference when you look at your reflection in the mirror and remember your hair shape in your old photos, hair products will no longer be useful to cover baldness that extends as the years goes by.

Frontline hair transplant

When the majority of patients undergo hair transplant procedure, they wait for the stage of drawing the frontal hairline where some of them get concerned about whether the frontal hairline is drawn correctly or not because if it is not drawn correctly it will give the patient an unnatural appearance and a flaw in hair transplant results, doctors can know where the frontal hairline begins by asking the patient to raise his eyebrows, and by doing that the hairline becomes clear to them, then the doctor can draw it with a fine clear line and this, of course, depends on an aesthetic specialized doctor.

Of course, the patient is asked whether he likes the first drawing of his hairline and any changes that may he have can be made. The doctor can then start opening the channels, when he reaches the frontal hairline, channels are opened along the drawn line in a random way and not side by side in a straight way so that the transplanted hair can grow in a natural order and away from the fake look.

  1. First of all, we should not draw the frontal hairline higher than the original hairline, actually, it depends on the specialist’s experience. The face is divided into three sections, the first section starts from the lower part of the chin to the base of the nose, the second section extends between the base of the nose and the eyebrows then the third one is from the eyebrows to the hairline.

In the case of a young patient, doctors often inform him that in the future there is a possibility of a drawback in the hairline and that he might have to see a doctor to avoid any drawback and hair loss in the frontal hairline.

  1. It should also be noted that some patients ask the doctor to draw their frontal hairline to look like some celebrity who did not undergo any hair transplant procedure and have a natural strong hair and a completely different face, in this case, the doctor discuss them and recommend them what is best for them.
  2. Before and after the procedure, you must accurately follow the doctor’s recommendations to get the best result, some people who have a wide forehead ask the doctor to make their forehead smaller by drawing the hairline lower than usual. In this case, the doctor explains that this way will not give the hair it’s natural appearance and will not fit the patient’s face.

The doctor’s opinions are better because he is the specialist and the one that has experience in this field, doctors always appreciate the patient’s fears and know their desire of having a natural look and successful results, that is why you should commit to the doctors recommends.

How much is hairline transplant

As for the cost of hairline transplant it’s 1000 USD, You can any time visit our Youtube channel or contact us.