Exercising After Hair Transplant

Exercising after hair transplant is the worst mistakes that a patient makes after undergoing a hair transplant operation. Also cutting nutrition of hair follicles by following a weight loss diet.

After the operation you need to take more care about hair follicles than the rest of the hair, because by cutting nutrition from it you cause damage to the transferred follicles while it requires a good nutrition system, you need a period of no less than three months to stay away from diets and hard exercises in order to get good results.

Exercising After Hair Transplant

It takes about 15 to 20 days for the scars to heal, It is also known that the operation results in small incisions and this area remains exposed, that is why, until the entire area is completely healed, we must watch out for any complications that may occur. we also know that exercising after hair transplant is a physical effort, which negatively affects hair follicles whereas it prevents the growth process and the procedure success.

Here we must take this step and learn all about the instructions and prohibitions that the patient must commit to it, especially during the first period (15 days) after the operation.

Even athletes and swimmers They know that exercising after hair transplant put them at risk because as we have previously noted we must take into account the health status of the patient and him not making any physical effort in order to get positive results.

So, we can say that after exercising or after a physical effort, the immune system rejects the transplanted hair follicles and deal with it as a foreign body and by that the patient helps with destroying hair follicles and the whole operation fails.

Malnutrition, lack of biotin, zinc and iron deficiency All of that will put you at risk due to diet and exercise, diet makes the nutrition unbalanced, which causes a lack of hair nutrition and if that continues, it may lead to hair follicles damage, when immune deficiency happens, it leads to a defect in the nutrition of the transplanted grafts then the immune system expels these follicles as a foreign body.

In case hair follicles fell out

  • It is difficult for us to deal with it and unfortunately, there is no hope for it to grow again.
  • It is noted that the statistics were conducted on athletes patients who have exercised after hair transplant directly and who have caused damage to all their transplanted hair follicles.
  • therefore, we must warn you about hard exercises such as weightlifting, basketball, football, and swimming, All those sports require a great physical effort and will be counterproductive.
  • Provide full protein and vitamins such as biotin and the like in order to provide nutrients for all hair follicles.
  • We have mentioned that there are no fears but exercising and sport negatively affect the operation results, cause damage and hair follicles to fall out. the patient must be committed to rest for enough period after the operation and at the very least he must stop hard exercise for at least three months, as for other kinds of sports, a patient should consult with his doctor.

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