Body Hair For Hair Transplant

Body hair for hair transplant first question that most people who inquire about hair transplant ask is from where are hair grafts taken or harvested?

in order to not lose hair density can we take grafts from other parts of the body?

In the majority of doctors’ opinion, we cannot take hair grafts from body hair, which we will explain why but there are some exceptions or some cases that we can use grafts taken from hair body, here are some cases:

  • In some cases, the donor area might be very weak and the patient’s hair nature is thin and weak, that is why and in this case, the donor area is not considered as a sufficient resource to cover the baldness and in this case, if we use the back of the hair as a donor area we will cause harm to it.
  • We can take grafts from body hair if the treated areas are small like beard area or eyebrows where these cases don’t require a lot of hair grafts.
  • Usually, there are some scares in the eyebrows, scalp hair or in the beard, these areas are small-scaled and we can cover it by using the body hair.
  • We can use the body hair in the previously mentioned cases as well as we can use other body parts hair grafts like beard, back, chest or legs, the more these areas have thick and dense hair the more the result comes out better.

Body hair for hair transplant

Instead of harvesting hair grafts from the donor area that is in the back of the head and implant it in the recipient area, it is harvested from another area of the body where before the procedure, the patient and the doctor agree on using a certain area, either chest, back, beard or legs.

First, we choose a certain area and local anesthesia is applied then the grafts are harvested using a fine device about 0.75 – 1 mm thin, the grafts are conserved in a special liquid to keep it fresh until it is transplanted in the recipient or the scar area.

Why is harvesting hair grafts from body hair method makes the patient concern about the procedure’s results?

We all know that body hair structure is different than the scalp hair structure in terms of thickness, nature, and color.

There are some clear differences between scalp hair and body hair, which before taking this step, the patient should know well:

Some concerns that we will mention to you

  • After a year or three, there is a possibility of hair grafts death.
  • When hair grafts grow, a clear difference between scalp hair and body hair will show, this difference will give an unpleasant look.

If we use body hair in hair transplant what are the advantages that we may mention?

There is a possibility of taking a dense amount to cover the baldness area and in some cases, the patient’s baldness area is too wide, therefore, there are not enough grafts in the donor area to cover it.

Side effects

The questions that concern some people are:

  1. After harvesting hair grafts, does the red spots remain clear?
  2. And how long does it take to heal?

It is nothing to worry about, usually, it needs one to three weeks to heal, this method is applied with an acceptable price in Turkey compared to other countries and after the procedure, it does not leave any scars.

Finally, we would like you to know that when we perform hair transplant procedure using body hair there will be no series side effects, but in case there are not enough grafts in the usually used donor area (the back of the head) doctors always prefer to use this method as a final solution, we can use body hair to ensure a successful procedure and a natural look.

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