Before Hair Transplantation

Before hair transplantation we will list you the most important things to be followed accurately and briefly.

Hair Transplant – Quick Information

Procedure Duration6-7 Hours
Recovery periodNext day after process can back to normal life considering special hair wash
ResultsStart after 3 months & complete within 9 Months
Results continuityLifetime
Turk Aesthetic Cost1000 USD FUE / 1500 USD DHI

Hair transplant Video

Before and After Hair Transplantation

Before Hair Transplantation

There are many things to consider before hair transplantation like:

Learn the details Before Hair Transplantation

the patient should know all the details and instructions that must be followed before and after the operation to not be surprised by any instructions that may not have been taken into his/her consideration, such as:

  • Know the duration of the stay in the country where you will undergo an operation.
  • The duration of the operation.
  • Know the accommodation costs.
  • Have all the information about operation steps, from the beginning until the end.
  • Know the side effects, which may occur after any performed operation like hair transplant or any other cosmetic surgeries.
  • Compare this information with HIS information, and make sure whether it is correct or not.
  • Read articles related to this topic so you can get the right ideas as much as possible.
  • Make sure that your donor area is good enough to extract the required number of hair follicles.

The assurance of credibility

  • Be sure of the reliability of the place where you intend to go and that it is not a broker, unreal, or if it was established on an unrecognized name.
  • Make sure that it represents an official side such as a hospital or an official clinic authorized by the Turkish government if the destination is Turkey.

Choosing the right hospital before hair transplantation

Please do not choose the hospital, or the clinic, where you intend to undergo hair transplantation operation either in Turkey or abroad based on:

  • Advertisements.
  • Social media.
  • Exaggerations.
  • Photoshop program that may be used to attract people to have any operation for material profit purposes and especially attracts the people who need these procedures.

However, you must choose the hospital or the clinic based on:

  • medical team experiences.
  • being an official place.
  • The previous successful experiences, which give psychological satisfaction to the person who intends to have hair transplantation operation or any other plastic surgeries and help him/her to make the decision.

Staying away from misinformation!

  • Do not think and ask about the so-called warranty card or hair transplant guarantee because as we mentioned earlier it is not important and unofficial.
  • Get information about plasma hair injection and inquire about all instructions before and after hair transplant in Turkey.
  • Know the duration of after hair transplant hair care.
  • Learn the right way and the duration for washing your hair after the operation, besides what you need to do after this period.

Hair transplant cost

Do not choose the center that offers a low-cost operation to attract more customers and earn more money because you will not undergo hair transplantation daily so do not be attracted by low cost.

  1. because it might indicate that the center is unofficial or a broker.
  2. the high-cost operation is not always the right decision, the average cost of hair transplantation, for instance, ranges from $ 1,300 to $ 1,700.
  3. This cost varies based on the duration of the stay, and the complexity of the surgery (how many hair follicles will be extracted).
  4. you can read more articles related to hair transplantation in Turkey and plastic surgeries by visiting our blog or visit our youtube page

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