Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant in Turkey Men in Arab society are distinguished by their thick beards and mustaches, and that any defect in the appearance of the beard in the face of the man causes embarrassment to many men in society.

Why Turkey is the best for Beard Transplant?

Turkey ranked high in the field of Beard Transplant due to its medical experience in this field

and the cost of beard hair transplantation in it is the lowest among European and American countries

and it is also distinguished by its provision of the best medical services, and it has specialized and advanced medical techniques and equipment in the field Hair transplantation in general.

Here below some quick information about beard transplant:

Procedure Duration5-6 Hours
Recovery periodNext day after process can back to normal life
ResultsStart after 3 months & complete within 9 Months
Results continuityLifetime
Turk Aesthetic Cost1000 USD

Beard Transplant in Turkey – Video

Before After Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant Techniques

Beard hair transplantation by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the best technique with great results, which many resort to because of its accuracy and good guaranteed results, (it is the most used method especially in the field of beard hair transplantation).

Beard hair transplantation by strip operation (FUT), a technique that is no longer used much due to its shortcomings, such as: leaving a scar in the location of the area from which the hair is extracted, and it also requires double training for the surgical team, and it is no longer used in many hair transplant clinics.

01 – Beard hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

The surgeon works to determine the area from which the hairs will be taken, and this area must be characterized by an acceptable density of hair and that the hair is short commensurate with the length of the beard’s hair, and then he works to extract the hair from its roots (i.e. remove the hair to be replanted) and put it in a special solution before Re-implanting them in a place without hair,

the process of extracting hair from its roots is done with special tools commensurate with the size of the extracted hair root, and the number of hairs extracted is equal to the number of openings that the doctor opened for hair transplantation in them, the actual period of the beard hair transplantation using the FUE technique ranges from 3 to 4 four and a half hours, depending on the skill of the doctor and according to the cooperation of the work team and his speed. It is a guaranteed-results and non-frightening process that takes place under local anesthesia and the patient can continue its stages without the need for general anesthesia.

02 – Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) beard hair transplantation:

The surgeon works in this technique to take a slice of hair from the area full of hair and implant it in the hairless area instead of transplanting a hair by hair, the cost of the process of transplanting beard hair by slice is small, but it is no longer used in many hair transplant clinics in Turkey due to the scars that are It leaves it and this makes it undesirable compared to the wonderful results of the fetching process.

Beard transplantation steps

  • The doctor works by drawing the borders of the beard to be obtained with a special marker pen.
  • The doctor determines the required number of hairs to be harvested from the donor area, to be transplanted later into the empty area of ​​hair.
  • The doctor begins by numbing the places from which he will harvest the hair and the places in which he will transplant the hair.
  • The doctor begins by picking the hair, and the harvesting process can be done from the head or chest area.
  • The hair that has been harvested is placed in a special solution to keep the hair follicles from damage.
  • It opens small channels in the hairless area to transplant the extracted hairs into it.

Beard Transplant duration

The time required for beard hair transplantation ranges from 3-5 hours on average, depending on the skill of the specialist doctor, and the quality of the techniques used in the operation.

When will the results of beard hair transplant begin to appear?

We can notice the results of the beard hair transplant operation initially after one week of transplantation, because the transplanted hair begins to grow, so the beard takes an attractive and beautiful shape and fills the spaces, but this result is temporary (but there is no need to worry) because the hairs that have been transplanted will fall out a number of them and may all fall After a period of time ranging between 3-6 months, the hair returns to growth and we get a beard full of hair and with a wonderful aesthetic appearance, so the beard hair transplant process will be very successful.

Side effects

Beard hair transplantation does not differ from other hair transplant procedures or any surgical procedure, and it has side effects but very minor and occasional, and it fades within a simple period of time, approximately one week, from these symptoms:

  1. A simple tumor in the hair transplant area, these tumors disappear within one week, with the commitment to take the medications prescribed by the doctor after the transplant (such as antibiotics).
  2. Sometimes an infection occurs in the area from which the hair harvested, due to the lack of cleanliness of the tools used in that, and here lies the importance of choosing the appropriate center for beard hair transplantation.
  3. Dryness may occur around the hair that transplanted and it will disappear after a few days.
  4. The fourth symptom is a common symptom between hair transplantation operations (head hair transplantation – beard hair transplantation – eyebrow hair transplantation).
  5. The presentation is the loss or loss of the hairs that have implanted, and then the hair that will fill the spaces and give us the final and beautiful view of the beard will appear, and this hair remains And it regenerates naturally.

Tips for a beard transplant

  • Follow the doctor’s advice well, and strictly adhere to the instructions to ensure the best results.
  • Not to use lotions that contain chemicals and replace them with medicinal types that contain natural substances.
  • Not to exposed to direct sunlight for a period of between two to three months, and in the event of exposure, a hat must worn that protects the face from direct sunlight.
  • Inform the doctor of any abnormal symptoms that occur after the beard transplant procedure, to get instructions that enable you to deal with these symptoms properly.
  • Commitment to using antibiotic and other medications prescribed by the doctor after the operation, in order to reduce the side effects that may occur after the operation.
  • Adherence to the washing instructions for the process, and it is preferable not to use razors and replace them with the machine and scissors very gently.

Important questions on men’s minds before their beard hair transplant procedure:

Will I have a nice beard?
What are the steps that I must follow in choosing the appropriate center for beard hair transplantation?

Beard hair loss factors

  • Hormonal disorders caused by a lack or excess of thyroid gland secretion in the body.
  • The appearance of inflammatory acne that affects the presence of hair in the area of ​​the inflamed pimples.
  • Scars resulting from various causes, including (burns – wounds).
  • Skin diseases such as (alopecia) that cause hair to fall out and not grow again.
  • Severe anemia.

Beard transplant candidates

There are people who can perform a beard hair transplant, and this requires certain conditions that they must have:

  • People in good health, without heart problems and other chronic medical stories.
  • People who have dense hair in the areas that we need to pull hair from.
  • If the beard area where hair is completely devoid of hair, or there is very little hair.

Beard transplantation defects

  • The emergence of holes that are difficult to get rid of due to the use of large and unsuitable tools to open the holes in which hair implants are located.
  • Scarring in the donor areas from which the hair harvested.

Cost of Beard transplant in Turkey

  • Choosing FUE technique considered the best in beard hair transplantation, because of its wonderful and satisfactory results, and it also requires more experience and work and a longer period of time than what needed for beard hair transplantation by choosing the FUE technique, the more expensive is Pick out and get the best result.
  • The more hair-free space, the greater the effort and the number of hairs harvested, and the duration of the beard hair transplantation process is longer, and this is an important factor in determining the cost of beard hair transplantation.
  • The more efficient and distinguished the doctor who performs the beard hair transplant, the better the results of the operation and the greater the cost.
  • There are supportive procedures for hair after the beard hair transplant procedure, such as plasma needles, which give strength and vitality to the transplanted hair.
  • There are additional costs related to hotel accommodation and special services that the center can provide to the patient (tours, recreational activities, special medical care sessions in support of beard hair transplantation) and other services.

As for the cost in some other countries, we mention:

Arab Egypt: ranges between 750-2500 USD.
America: ranges between 5000-8000 USD.
Gulf countries in general: ranges between 2000 – 4000 US dollars approximately.

For more details about the beard transplantation process in Turkey, you can contact Turk Aesthetic for free consultation . Or visit YouTube

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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