After Hair Transplant

After hair transplant procedure doctors usually advise people not to normally wash their hair.

  • Do not be exposed to sunlight for long hours.
  • Keep away from using chemical products to give your hair a chance to re-grow.
  • As much as possible, patients should keep away from things that are harmful to their hair, whether the original or the newly transplanted hair.
  • Do not use hair dyes and creams for 11 days to give a chance for the scalp and the transplanted grafts to heal and to have a full recovery.

After Hair Transplant Video

  • The person who intends to undergo a hair transplant operation should know that it is normal for the newly implanted hair grafts to fall during the first seven days until the end of the second month.
  • This rate varies from one person to another, so the implanted hair loss is not certain, but if it occurs, it is not a side effect.
  • You do not have to worry at all about it because at the beginning of the third month you will notice that the implanted hair starts to grow again without falling until it reaches the final result in the ninth month.
  • The patient should know this information in order to avoid any negative psychological factors that may affect the result.

During 12 Days (After Process)

  1. In the first 12 days after hair transplant, It is preferable not to dry the hair using the normal way to avoid side effects.
  2. Do not harm the transplanted area or the implanted hair follicles as the scalp may still be affected by the local anesthesia, which reduces the real feeling of the patient’s skin or head.
  3. Patients are advised to protect their scalp from sunlight exposure and they are given other instructions because they may not fully feel their head and scalp.
  4. Do not use hair dryers that may affect or cause a near-burn to the transplanted grafts.
  5. If necessary, use a hair dryer at very low temperatures.
  6. Do not touch the head in the first 12 days of hair transplant by hand or anything else.
  7. Follow your doctor’s instructions with high accuracy to get the desired results.

Hair washing (After Process)

The newly transplanted hair should not be washed a regular wash because the grafts could be lost.
it has a special wash method that should be followed from the second or the third day by using special nonchemical ph-neutral shampoos because n the first period (first 12 days), hair grafts are sensitive and are not ready for the chemical normal shampoo.
on the second or third day, the medical team will perform the first hair wash to explain to the patient the method of washing and how to use the special shampoos and the lotions given by the hospital.
In the first six months, the patients are advised to use PH balanced shampoos that do not contain chemicals such as children’s shampoos or the ones that are extracted from natural herbs.

Hair wash after hair transplant is done daily by applying the lotion very gently on the transplanted area, wait for 40 minutes then rinse the lotion with warm water, the water should not be very hot or very cold and remember to never touch the hair, after that make foam with the shampoo that was given to you by the hospital, apply it very gently by tabbing it on the transplanted area with your hand palm, wait for half a minute and then wash it well, make sure to rinse all the shampoo or lotion from the scalp and finally wait for the hair to dry on its own.

Hair dying

After hair transplant, hair is divided into two types: the implanted hair, which is new and the normal hair, which technically is still the same old hair, so the person can have hair dye after at least twelve days after transplantation and it is preferred to wait for a whole month after transplant operation, as for the newly transplanted hair the patient will not need to dye it because it will fall in the first two months as we explained in the previous paragraph and we ensure you the full healing of the transplanted area.

Hair Transplant Tips

A patient who had hair transplant must follow accurately some special instructions in order to get the desired result, the most important instructions are:

  1. During the first three days after the operation, avoid looking down for a long period of time, also you should lie and sleep on your back keeping the head raised.
  2. In the third day after transplantation, you must visit the hospital to have the donor area bandage removed, have the first hair wash and learn the special method of the hair wash because you will be following it for 12 days after the operation.
  3. In the first 12 days after transplantation, the hair should be washed very gently using the lotion and shampoo following the special method that was explained to you by the medical team.
  4. After 12 days of transplantation, you can return to your normal life, to normal hair washing and bathing with a little attention.
  5. Stay away from smoking and alcohol for a whole week.
  6. Married patients must refrain from sexual intercourse for a whole week.
  7. After a month, the patient can shave his hair as he wishes (donor area), avoid using a razor or blades for the transplanted hair, instead use only scissors for 6 months.
  8. For a whole month be careful of directly exposing the transplanted area to the sun for a long period of time and wear a hat to protect it from the sun when necessary.
  9. Avoid hair dye and excessive exercise for one month.
  10. Decrease caffeine or simulations as much as possible during the first week such as coffee, cola, chocolate, and cocoa.
  11. After hair transplant, use of painkiller if necessary, wherein some rare cases, on the first day after the operation, the patient may feel a simple headache, while the majority of people do not need to any painkillers, the antibiotic is given to prevent any possible infections during the early days of the operation.

Hair Transplant aftercare instructions

  • hair wash after hair transplant should be done once a day for 12 days after the procedure.
  • It should be noted that the wash should be done gently because the implanted hair follicles are new and the scalp will be semi-numb in the first days after transplantation so the person may harm the follicles by accident.
  • The patient must definitely sleep on his back, he must not stand for long periods of time and not to bend or look down during the first three days because the scalp was injected with fluids (sterile water) under the skin to make the transplantation easier.
  • If the patient does not commit to the last instruction, these fluids will move forward to the face and in some cases cause swelling around the eyes or forehead, which will disappear within the first 5 days.
  • The patient must know that these are not side effects, there is no need to worry because these liquids will disappear in a very short period of time and it is preferred to drink sufficient quantities of natural fluids such as water because this reduces a lot of the swelling or edema.
  • If the patient follows the instructions with high accuracy, by the tenth day, no one will notice that this person had undergone hair transplant operation in any way.
  • After six months of hair transplant, the patient can make the hairstyle that he likes and can use hair care products such as creams, gel, hair conditioner.

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