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Hair transplant introduction: hair has an enormous importance in terms of affecting a person’s appearance and look that’s why it has a big attention, and especially by those who are suffering from problems like hair loss and baldness.
Whereas chronic loss or baldness in its advanced stages plays role in affecting the person’s psyche and causes constant phases of embarrassment when out in social environments.
Your hair is appendages consisting of non-living protein cells that cover each person’s body, approximately five million hairs, and 100,000 of them are in the scalp.

Hair transplant surgery

Turkey has become the main destination for many reasons, the most important ones are:

  • Tourism
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • And hair transplantation

Hair transplant in Turkey in the recent few years is considered one of the most important reasons which attract people from all over the world, especially in Istanbul due to:

  1. Hair transplant surgery’s cost is considered as the most appropriate price worldwide.
  2. The high experience in this filed, as well as the encouraging impressive results.
  3. Hair transplant’s best doctors are in Turkey.
  4. The strategic location, close to most Arab and European countries.

Specialized hospitals in hair, beard, eyebrows and mustaches transplant.

Hair loss and baldness Causes

Hair loss and baldness have many reasons, the most important ones are:

  • Genetic factor.
  • Mental disorders.
  • The effect of the heavy use of chemicals on hair such as; gel, cream as well as straighteners and hair dryers.
  • The most important and most common effect, which is dandruff.
  • Chronic diseases or hormonal disorders, in this case, the patient must consult urgently with the doctor.
  • Anemia and malnutrition.

Methods and techniques used

There are several methods and techniques used in hair transplant surgery, and doctors are constantly seeking for developing the techniques and creating new advanced ones in order to obtain the best results and easier methods, the most important techniques are:

  • FUT is one of the oldest hair transplant methods used both in Turkey and abroad.
  • FUE is one of the most famous and newest techniques, which is used by doctors in hair transplant both in Turkey and abroad.
  • Direct Hair Implantation DHI, this technique is completed by using a pen known as the CHOI Hair Pen. This technique has great results in implanting small delicate areas such as eyebrows and mustache.
  • BHT Body Hair technique is used in cases where the donor area is weak or the hair is not sufficient. In this case, the chest, which has dense hair, is used as a donor area.

Before starting Hair transplant surgery

Anyone who thinks about coming to Istanbul, Turkey for hair transplant surgery whether in a hospital, clinic or a center should make sure following these steps carefully:

  • If there is any medication you may be using or chronic diseases notify your doctor or the medical team about them.
  • Stop any blood liquefaction, drinking alcohol, and reduce smoking as much as possible a week before surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the operation day.
  • Have a good breakfast in case of local anesthesia and refrain from eating 7 hours before the operation in general anesthesia.

Hair transplant surgery stages

  1. The first examination

    The doctor will do the first examination of the hair and ask the patient about his health record to make sure his body is able to undergo hair transplant surgery.
    He also discusses the patient about his hair loss and baldness stages that he went through and if the cause was genetically or other reasons.
    After that, the doctor will determine the donor areas where the hair will be taken and he will draw the hair front line in a way that fits the facial features to give the hair a normal and a natural shape.consultation-before-hair-transplant

  2. Blood test

    A sample of blood will be taken as a routine laboratory test to ensure there are no health limitsblood-test-before-hair-transplant

  3. Hair shaving and preparing to start the surgery

    The patient is given a sterile gown to wear then, the hair is shaved according to doctor’s instructions (either completely or only the donor area). Considering the medical necessity and to ensure getting the best results.
    The scalp is cleaned and sterilized to prepare it for local or general anesthesia stage.

  4. Local Anesthesia

    The patient is entered into an equipped sterilized operating room for the procedure. First, he lies in an opposite position on the surgery bed, the medical team again will sterilize the donor area, and then they start gently and carefully injecting the local anesthesia under the scalp using thin injections.
    It should be taken into account that local anesthetist causes pain and temporary burning under the skin, which lasts only for a few minutes, and then it fades away.
    This stage is the reason why so many patients are double-minded before choosing to undertake the surgery, because of injection pain fear but it does not take more than 5 minutes after that, the patient will not feel any pain.

  5. Follicular unit extraction using FUE technique

    After the anesthesia and preparing donor area, the medical team starts follicular unit extraction one by one using a special device called Micro motor.
    Follicular are kept in a special sterile liquid to preserve the follicular unit after the extraction process is completed.
    After applying anesthesia on the frontal hairline and to the thinning (recipient) area.
    The channels are opened, as many and dense as needed to implant the extracted follicular later.
    At this stage, a lancet with a small fine head is used at approximately 1 mm to 1.3 mm.

  6. Hair follicular transplantation

    This is considered as the final stage where the follicular are placed one by one into the opened channels.
    Follicular distribution is according to hair roots’ number found in each follicular.
    The medical team uses special medical tongs to move the follicular gently and carefully.

After the surgery

There are several instructions the patient has to follow after the surgery, it includes:

  • The way of sleeping.
  • Special washing technique.
  • Everyday life.
  • The used medication.
  • Swimming.
  • Shaving.

You may also visit our page, which contains after-transplantation instructions

The washing method after hair transplant

  • After the surgery, the patient is required to follow a special washing method for 12 days.
  • The medical team and the specialist doctor explains this method to the patient after the surgery.
  • After 12 days the patient can go back to his normal lifestyle and the normal washing In this video, we will explain the washing method during 12 days.

The results

The patient gets primarily results after 3 months of completing the procedure. And he gets the final results after 9 months.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of the third month the implanted hair will directly fall off in the after-surgery period to regrow back again.

Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is considered suitable for many people and for every social category for many reasons:

  • Suitable prices comparing to many other countries
  • The price includes many services:
  1. Picking up and sending off from and to the airport.
  2. The required medication bag after the transplantation.
  3. Translator Companioned in the hospital.
  4. Hotel accommodation.
  5. Transportation between the hotel and hospital.

Hair transplant surgery long-life warranty

Nowadays hair transplant surgery long-life warranty in Turkey has become commonplace.

And it became an argumentative point to the people who want to undergo hair or beard transplant surgery

Also, you can find more detailed information about the long-life warranty.

Hair transplant side effects

Some side effects are associated with hair transplant surgery:

  1. Temporary swelling in the forehead that lasts a few days.
  2. A temporal headache on the first day.
  3. Light redness.
  4. Scalp numbness in the first week.

Hair transplant surgery preventives

Turk Aesthetic do not recommend the surgery in some cases, such as the following:

  • Advanced diabetes
  • Advanced heart disease
  • Turbulent stress
  • Infectious and dangerous blood transmitted diseases
  • Acute kidney or liver failure
  • Weak hair density in the donor area
  • Dermal diseases in the treated area
  • Coagulation disorder
  • Acute Anemia.

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