Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair transplant without shaving, before hair transplant procedure, the donor area is supposed to be shaved from the back to extract the largest number of hair follicles.
But no need to be worried, you can undergo hair transplant without shaving and return to your normal daily life.

  • First, the follicles are taken from the back of the head (donor area) using FUE technique without having to shave the hair or cut it.
  • It is difficult for some patients to accept their shape after head shaving, especially women,
  • it seems very embarrassing to them especially when going out to the public places
  • it also takes a long time to gain the old length and natural appearance.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving

At first, your case will be evaluated by the specialist, the needed number of follicles and the grafts will be calculated. The doctor will draw the frontal hairline in a way that fits your face and age.

A single follicle may contain more than one hair, after which the follicles are transferred from the donor area with special tools used in the transplantation process it is implanted using FUE technique.

  • The majority of women who have problems with their hair and want to have hair transplantation are usually worried about the hair shaving process, which may be easier for men.
  • While For women, shaving the hair completely is very embarrassing for them and it takes a long time for the hair to regrow and to gain length.
  • Half of a woman’s beauty lies in her hair, a woman who has lost her hair due to psychological or genetic factors suffers from psychological problems because of the baldness that she is trying to cover with commercial products, all of which are non-medical, some of it may damage the scalp and others use a hair wig as a type of regaining confidence in their look.
  • All of these solutions are temporary and do not solve the baldness problem that is why our doctors in Turkey reached an easy and effective solution to get rid of baldness and gain self-esteem again.

Advantages VS Disadvantages

  • As mentioned earlier, the option of full hair shaving is not easy for the patient,
  • most feel embarrassed about going out and some have to take leave to avoid going out to public places.
  • One advantage of hair transplant without shaving is unlike the old methods that it can be performed in more than one session,
  • Between each session a few months are left, and you can practice your life normally and come out without being embarrassed by your appearance.
  • After the operation, the scars will remain a few days and then it will be fully healed without any mark.
  • The period a patient needs to complete the procedure varies from person to person.
  • Depending on the number of follicles needed by the patient to cover the bald area, the doctor gives you special instructions to be followed after the operation, the patient must commit to the instructions strictly, especially during the first 15 days after hair transplant until hair growth is completed.

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