Hair Transplant With Plasma PRP

hair transplant with plasma

Hair transplant with plasma PRP in Turkey, PRP is an abbreviation for three words in English, which means plasma-rich platelets.

  • Plasma is used to strengthen hair follicles, repair hair growth problems and to ensure the ideal and natural hair growth.
  • About 10 cm of the patient’s blood is taken and placed in the Centrifuge.
  • After only 10 minutes, plasma or so-called PRP is ready for injection in the needed area.
  • Sometimes it is mixed with certain medications and vitamins to get good results for normal hair growth.
  • PRP has the least side effects and is one of the strongest therapies of our time.
  • It should be noted that plasma is a treatment, as any other treatment must be taken fully on several sessions to get the desired results, which means that a patient should not have one session and then neglect it.
  • In the normal average, a session is taken monthly or every 20 days, a person should not have more than one session per month.
  • Some centres take advantage of a patient’s lack of information to earn more money, where several session is performed during only a few days for financial gain only.
  • You should go to centres, people and hospitals with high credibility, go to the hospital directly and stay away as much as possible from intermediaries or fake sites.

Hair transplant with Plasma PRP details

  • To perform hair transplant for example, in Turkey or other countries it is preferred to have plasma injection after two days of transplant to give the follicles initial strength to grow properly and helps to accelerate the growth process as much as possible.
  • It is preferred to have a monthly session after hair transplant in order to increase the success rate of the procedure as much as possible. In these days, it is common among people to ask about the plasma injection.
  • It should be noted that most hospitals or centres take advantage of people’s ignorance about plasma and claim that it was performed during the procedure while it was not, the plasma injection cannot be performed with hair transplant procedure.
  • People who are going to Turkey for a hair transplant or a cosmetic surgery should make sure they choose the right place, with a high level of credibility, and to keep away from the ones that their mean goal is the financial gain.
  • You can’t undergo a hair transplant every day that is why you should choose the right centre and ask about its credibility to ensure a reasonable average cost where the cost of a plasma syringe in Turkey is between $100 and $200 on average.

Important Notes

  • It should be mentioned that plasma injection (PRP) is not a requirement for a hair transplant procedure success or failure in Turkey.
  • Ask about the centre or hospital credibility and the working medical team experience. Do not be affected by the commercials and exaggerations.
  • Plasma injection is like any other treatment, all the required sessions must be taken to get the desired results.
  • Do not believe that the plasma is injected during the operation, it must be injected after a day or two of the transplantation.
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