Hair Transplant Techniques

hair transplant techniques

Hair transplant techniques has become a particular interest on websites in cosmetic surgery and therapeutic tourism in Turkey.
In addition, hair transplantation has become a topic of debate on social networking pages, especially in the last five years.
The most important questions in this field:

  • What do we mean by multiple hair transplant techniques?
  • What is the similarity or difference between them?
  • Which one is best suited for you?

We are talking here about natural hair transplantation, where this type of plastic surgery has been discovered for more than 70 years. It began with primary methods and equipment where the FUT technique was adopted.

with the development of cosmetic medicine and after extensive studies were conducted, the technique of follicular unit extraction FUE , the technique of picking the bulbs of the body BHT , and hair transplant technique which planting the grafts directly with the CHOI hair pen DHI and Percutan technology and we will explain to you about each hair transplant techniques separately and detailed later.

FUT technique

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair transplant method that involves taking a slice of the scalp from the back area containing follicles that carry hair roots.
  • A region behind the head and between the ears was selected exclusively because it is characterized by an excess number of follicles containing more than two or three hairs per bulb.
  • It has genetic characteristics that prevent it from falling or being affected by hormonal changes occurring in the body for various reasons. The hair follicles are then separated from each other, and then channels are opened in the area where hair is needed to remove the follicles.

But no longer applied today because of the rate of waste that occurs and because it leaves a permanent scar in the form of a transverse line in the donor area.

FUE technique ( Hair transplant techniques )

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), one of the latest hair transplant techniques , through obtaining a large number of follicles in one session.
  • Distinguished from the rest of the techniques in the stage of extraction of grafts or bulbs. Each bulb is carefully picked and carefully selected by a special device called a micro motor and then placed in a special liquid over ice pieces to keep it alive for as long as possible, reducing the rate of waste to less than 1% Percent.
  • Patients can also strengthen the hair implanted area by periodically injecting  PRP for hair (Platelet Rich Plasma).

BHT technique

(BHT) Body Hair Transplant is an innovative way to solve the problem of weak hair density in the donor area and not being able to pick up enough follicles to cover the entire baldness.

This technique utilizes the roots of the hair of the body located in the chest or under the chin to be in places in need of intensification and hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation specialists recommend implanting these hair follicles from the top of the head or the middle area of ​​the scalp and between previously existing hair follicles to give the best result and more natural form of hair.

BHT may not be suitable for all cases of baldness or hair loss and thinning, so it is advisable to consult specialists about potential donor areas and pictures of areas where hair is to be grown.

Direct hair transplant DHI technique

  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is different from the FUE technique of transplantation with only bulbs implanting method.
  • In all previous hair transplant techniques , small channels or cracks are opened in the area where the follicles will be implanted prior to the transplantation stage. The bulbs are then planted by medical tweezers made special for implanting hair bulbs.
  • In contrast, DHI technology enables us to cultivate hair without having to open channels in the receipt area where the follicles are implanted directly under the scalp through an agricultural pen called the CHOI Hair pen.
  • The Choi Pen is a thin, needle-like tool that holds the bulb in place and is planted directly with one movement under the surface of the skin.
  • This technique is characterised by rapid healing of the cultivated area due to the absence of any cracks or bleeding in the scalp.
  • The cost of DHI hair transplant is high compared to other hair transplantation techniques because of the use of different hair pens for each patient and is thrown with medical waste after each operation and requires a double effort and accuracy in the work.
  • The specialists resort to this technique in cases requiring high density in certain areas and not to cover large areas as in the stages of advanced baldness as the maximum size of bulbs that we can transplant with DHI is 2000 bulbs because of the time and effort required for the process.

Percutaneous technique

  • Percutaneous is a smart technique for hair, beard or eyebrow implants in Turkey. It differs from the FUE . The channels are opened by a thin needle with a pointed head. The needle diameter is about 0.5 mm. In this technique, small holes are made instead of openings or cracks. In other hair transplant techniques.
  • These small holes where the follicles are grown later provide natural results and high density of up to 50 bulbs per 1 cm2 .
  • Percutaneous technology requires good experience and precise accuracy. The direction of hair growth and the distribution of density in the cultivated area is determined by opening needle holes.

Other techniques..

Some centres promote hair transplant techniques with different names such as:

  1. Ice grafts
  2. Golden FUE
  3. Micro FUE
  4. American vaccine
  5. Lateral slit

Are all indicative of the technique of taking the same and follow the same method without any difference in principle and is created for the purpose of propaganda promotion of a new technology no more imaginary.
A robot that has been planting hair under the supervision of a doctor has been promoted more quickly and accurately, but studies have found that automatic suction of the follicle through the robot causes mechanical pressure and trauma on the follicles.

Which leads to the damage and death of a certain proportion of follicles and for this reason is not recommended by experts. you can visit our facebook page.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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