Hair Transplant FUT

hair transplant fut
Hair Transplant FUT

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Hair Transplant FUT


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Hair transplant fut technique in Turkey is an old hair transplant method, in this method a strip of skin that contains strong hair follicles is surgically removed from the donor area in the back of the head. in order to extract the hair follicles from this strip and implanted it in the desired area.

Hair Transplant FUT

FUT refers to Follicular Unit Transplantation, which means a method used to extract hair follicles from the taken skin strip and replant them in the area where it needs to be transplanted

First of all, this method is done by shaving a rectangular area at the back of the head in the same width as the head and 1 cm or 2 cm high then the area is sterilized well.

A local anaesthesia is applied to the shaved area, after that, the strip is surgically removed and hair follicles are extracted from this area, at the same time both skin sides where the strip was taken are swan together well.

After extracting all the hair follicles from that area, a second local anaesthesia is applied to the recipient area and new tiny channels are opened to implant the extracted hair follicles, by finishing this stage hair transplant using FUT technique is done.

Side effects 

It should be noted that this method is one of the oldest and first methods used in hair transplant and that it has been stopped since a quiet period of time after the invention of a new method called FUE method. One of the main side effects of FUT technology:

  1. The permanent scars look, which is left by the strip removal process after the sutured area’s wounds are healed there is an area in one finger height and in the head width at the back of it where it will be so obvious if the patient after healing has a haircut.
  2. Hair transplant procedure using this method takes a long time; this reason is one of the main disadvantages of the FUT method.
  3. Unsatisfactory results: hair transplant procedure using FUT is unsatisfactory for the medical team nor for the patient because hair transplant using this method requires a long period of time and that what puts the extracted hair follicles validity at risk, which affects negatively on the desired results from hair transplant procedure using this technique.
  4. The permanent damage caused by using this hair transplant technique; the donor area is severely damaged and the patient cannot have second or third intensive sessions, unlike hair transplant using FUE.
  5. The patient negative psychological feeling that has undergone FUT due to the scar caused by the strip removal in the back of the head.

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