Hair Transplant BHT

hair transplant bht
Hair Transplant BHT

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Hair Transplant BHT


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Hair transplant BHT technique as usual hair transplant depends on harvesting grafts from the back and sides of the head (the donor area) to implant it in the recipient area, but in some cases, patients do not have enough hair in that donor area to cover the baldness​​ in the desired form and density.

In this case, we can harvest hair follicles using body hair transplant BHT technique, where hair follicles are very similar to the scalp hair follicles in terms of structure and quality.

Hair Transplant BHT

We can harvest hair follicles from the leg, arm, abdomen, chest, back, armpit or even facial hair, in Turk aesthetic, we harvest grafts from the chest, shoulders and under the chin.

In certain cases, the body hair may be the source of more than 2,000 grafts additional to the follicles extracted from the back of the head especially when the patient has thick unwanted body hair.

Our doctors harvest hair follicles to increase the implanted hair density in general or cover the top area of ​​the head, otherwise, the donor area (occipital area) can be considered the only donor area in case of patients with weak hair density in that area.

BHT technique details

The follicles are extracted from the body hair using the FUE technique, which is based on harvesting the follicles one by one, without leaving any traces or scars in the donor area.

The hair follicles are then implanted in the recipient area in the same way the grafts that were taken from behind the head are implanted.


Here is a Video that shows how is body hair transplant BHT done

BHT candidate

  1. People who have insufficient hair density in the donor area (occipital area).
  2. The normal hair transplant method does not suit some patients.
  3. The reason for weak hair density in the back of the head is usually high levels of hair loss or because of repeated hair transplant operations, making it impossible to harvest any graft from that area again.
  4. When hair transplant operation is done depending on a weak donor area the results will usually be unsatisfying, because in this case, we will be able to cover just one certain area of the baldness without covering the entire wanted area. There is also a high risk of hairless spots results in the donor area (occipital area).

When can we apply hair transplant BHT technique?

  1. there must be more than 30 grafts density in every 1 cm2 of the scalp
  2. The harvested hair shape and strength should be similar to the original scalp hair.
  3. The number of grafts that contain more than 2 or 3 hairs in it is not less than 25% of the total follicles number.
  4. ​​The donor area space is not less than 150 cm2.
  5. Body hair length should be no less than 2 cm2.


  • When implanting 60 grafts harvested from body hair in a 1 cm2 of the recipient area it grows about 70 hairs.
  • When implanting 60 grafts harvested from the back of the head in 1 cm2 of the recipient area it grows about 110 hairs.

Why Hair transplant BHT?

  • Harvesting the grafts carefully.
  • Keeping the grafts protected by putting it in a special solution.
  • Minimize surgical error rate as much as possible.
  • Accurate implantation, taking into account the follicles growth direction and the appropriate implantation depth.
  • Drawing and implanting the front hairline in a natural way.
  • Taking an accurate approach and the most appropriate technique and causing the least possible damage to the grafts.

Hair Transplant BHT Cost

Hair transplant BHT technique cost is slightly higher than using FUE technique, where the cost is determined according to the patient case, the price ranges from 1,500 to 1,900 $.

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