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the best dental clinic in Istanbul turkey
Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey

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Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey


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The best dental clinic in Istanbul Turkey Plastic surgery has become one of the most important priorities for people in its procedure, not because it is an aesthetic matter that gives a significant difference to the person’s body, but to the important function that dents perform in eating.

In Istanbul there are many dental centers and clinics, both cosmetic and functional.

In this article, we will talk about the most famous dental clinics in Istanbul and all the information the reader needs about correction, orthodontics and cosmetic dentures.

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Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey – Process Steps

Before Process

  • Before the procedure, we will talk about the basic problems that a people suffers regarding the teeth. We can summarize them as follows.
  • Gum sensitivity, its problems and its effect on oral and dental health.
  • Teeth or tooth decay and the inability to eat properly.
  • Complications of necrosis and caries, which leads to fracture of the tooth or tooth.
  • Irregular rows of teeth.
  • The color of the teeth is dark, unhealthy and incompatible with the person’s desire.
  • After identifying the problem, the appropriate solution must be taken.

Process Duration

  • The time required to solve the problem depends on the type of problem, as there are problems that require one visit.
  • Like the need for teeth whitening, filling, or a cleaning session.
  • Sometimes you need two or three sessions, such as the need for dental crown or orthodontics, or other problems that require taking a dental size.
  • The time period varies from one day to a week at the latest.
  • The session duration ranges from twenty to sixty minutes, according to the nature of the problem.

After Process

  • The recovery period varies according to the nature of the procedure and the problem.
  • The dental patient is bound by some recommendations that he takes from the doctor after completing the session.
  • Most of the followed recommendations must avoid chewing on the applied side for a period that does not exceed two days, except in some exceptions that the doctor recommends.

Turk Aesthetic – Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey

Turk Aesthetic provide all kind of cosmetic dentistry starting from problems of simple solution such like cleaning to complex problems such as dental implants, below we will summarize all techniques.

Dental Implants in the best dental clinic in Istanbul Turkey

  • Turk Aesthetic Center offers dental implants opportunity to people who have lost their teeth.
  • With the option of dental implants, new teeth can be obtained within only seven days with a success percentage rate of more than 90%.
  • We exclude dental implants successful the people with chronic diseases such as heart disease, pressure and uncontrolled diabetes.
  • in addition, addicts’ smokers because of gum’s problem.
  • The final decision regarding the possibility of implantation remains for the doctor himself. Each rule has an exception.

Dental Crown

  • One of the cosmetic solutions for the dents that people use is Dental Crown.
  • Usually it’s preferred to cover the metal teeth that are incompatible with the familiar appearance.
  • The materials used for Dental Crown is differ, as there is porcelain or zirconium.

Hollywood Smile

  • Hollywood smile is ranked as the first in cosmetic dentistry procedure.
  • Hollywood’s smile for beauty sings about many other known procedures, such as veneer and lumineer, and teeth whitening because Hollywood’s smile is included in these procedures.

To obtain abundant information and costs, you can click on the link.

Dental Veneers

  • Dental veneers procedure can be likened to an idea with the idea of ​​artificial nails that girls stick to give more beauty on the fingers.
  • Likewise, the idea of ​​veneer is to install a thin layer of porcelain on the front surface of dents to give it a more aesthetic appearance.
  • The veneer procedure is a simple procedure for many reasons. It does not require surgery or any complications. Results can appear immediately and almost permanently.

Dental Lumineers

  • People who have cracked, broken, decayed or yellow dents, spaced or staggered, have this procedure.
  • Worn out or worn out teeth, small teeth, or can be a replacement for orthodontics.
  • It is a painless procedure and does not lead to sensitivity of dent and gives the teeth a continuous white and does not affect the smell of the mouth.

Dental Bridge Installation

  • The dental bridge aims to fill the gap between dents to replace the dent we lost, and the procedure usually requires two sessions.
  • Dentists recommend a dental bridge to support the functional state of the teeth in addition to support the aesthetic appearance.
  • So that the strength of the jaw when chewing is distributed over the entire teeth, preventing the remaining teeth from being weakened and weak.

Dentures Installing

  • Many elder or even other age groups that have suffered a loss or fracture as a result of an accident resort to alternatives such as installing dentures.
  • Dentures are made of plastic or metal materials that are prepared in advance according to the person’s needs and condition.
  • It is prepared through two sessions, one for taking necessary measurements for disassembly and the other session is for installation.
  • Dentures require a simple period of time to get used to it.

Inlays Onlays

  • When the molar or tooth is cracked, fluid leaks through the cracks into the nerve, resulting in severe or disturbing pain according to the degree of cracks or damage in the molar body.
  • The doctor restores these cracks with the filling to prevent any leakage.

Teeth Whitening

  • By the time teeth become yellow and forming thick layers that are difficult to remove with a brush or putty.
  • The color of the layer can be clearly seen by everyone on the back of the teeth.
  • the problem increase with smokers, and with people who have plenty of tea during the day.

As for the solutions of bleaching, doctors perform curettage , simple surface dents scrubbing or laser bleaching procedures.

Laser Teeth Whitening

  • One of dents whitening solutions that doctors have been using, especially recently is laser.
  • Laser is used to whiten teeth due to procedure speed and effectiveness, safe, uncomplicated and immediate results.

In addition, saving time and efforts and gives long-term results compared to the simple curettage method,

Ordinary and Transparent Orthodontics

  • There are many orthodontics types.
  • Such as traditional metallic ones, ceramics, and transparent orthodontics.

Dental Treatment Costs in the Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of dental treatment varies according to the type of problem.

Generally, minor problems such as bleaching, filling or cleaning are low in cost compared to other procedures such as compensation or cover.

You can contact us to determine the type of problem and evaluate the cost of treatment.

Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey (Extra Service)

Turk Aesthetic provide unlimited dental solutions, moreover, we have an extra service.

such as hotel accommodation, transportation from / to the airport.

In addition, free consulting services before and after the dents procedure, with a treatment bag, with competitive packages.

Turk Aesthetic is Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey

We suggest Turk Aesthetic as a center that attended by thousands of visitors annually, as it deals with the most efficient cosmetic experts with moderate prices compared to other centers.

The customer can contact us via the link to answer any questions or to arrange a prior reservation for any cosmetic procedure.