Stomach balloon in Turkey

Stomach balloon in Turkey
Stomach balloon in Turkey

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Stomach balloon in Turkey


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Stomach balloon in Turkey One of the most important simple measures to lose weight                                                                                             

We’ll talk at length about this in the following lines.

What’s a Stomach balloon procedure?

A simple procedure not more than 30 minutes is done by inserting a balloon from the mouth and leaving it in the stomach and then filling it with a substance such as gas in order to reduce the area of the stomach so that the patient feels full when eating a quarter of the amount of food he usually eats to feel the result quickly full.

The balloon does not remain in the stomach for life but is a temporary procedure for about six months during which the patient is accustomed to eating a small amount of food.

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Balloon Types

  • There are even several types used in the gastric balloon operation that are determined by several criteria, including the cost or budget that the patient allocates for this procedure.
  • Types vary depending on the way the balloon is inserted into the patient’s cavity.
  • Some can be inserted through an endoscope orally and another type is taken as a pressure or capsule that is monitored by the x-raymachine.

Candidates for process

Anyone who is overweight and over 20 years of age can perform a stomach balloon, but the balloon cannot be considered a solution for those who suffer from excess fat in their body, the balloon does not remove grease but only helps to lose weight

A stomach balloon should not be taken as a way to get rid of excess weight if you have stomach problems such as ulcers.

Stomach Balloon Process steps

Like any simple or complex surgery, there are 3 stages to a stomach balloon procedure.

The stage of preparation for the operation and the passage of the operation ended with convalescence.

  1. Pre-procedure

    The doctor should be informed of any health symptoms that they complain about or the medications taken if any
    Fasting should last 6 hours before the operation
    The doctor will perform a X-ray to check for stomach health before the procedure

  2. After the operation.

    The patient must adhere to regular meals   and drink fluids in abundance
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Stomach balloon alternatives..

Yes, there are alternative solutions for the stomach balloon, but it’s complicated and expensive, so the balloon is the perfect solution to help you lose weight.

Cost of Stomach balloon in Turkey

It’s hard to determine the cost without determining whether it’s a perfect solution or not.

Theoretically, the cost of the procedure starts at $3,500, but you have to communicate and identify the details each case to give a more accurate answer.

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