Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Penis enlargement in Turkey With the development of all things in our world and at the present time .. We are not talking only about technological developments that have replaced many things in our life, medicine also has its fields and developments, especially in the cosmetic field.

If we go back 10 years, we will see the amount of criticism of people who undergo plastic surgery, especially TV and movie stars.
As soon as a new block star or star appears, the process of criticism begins about their undergoing cosmetic procedures, albeit simple
But today, plastic surgery has become one of the basics for some, and undergoing plastic surgery has become a natural thing for most people, and the matter is no longer criticized.
We return to medical development, as with the development of medicine day by day, and the discoveries that are discovered day after day, nothing is no longer impossible.
Even men are able to have a larger penis than it is.
Penis enlargement or penis enlargement has become possible with medical development, as this operation has become very popular and very common and it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world in general and in Turkey in particular.

The time to complete the operation3 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activityAfter One week
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Cost per leave static (approx) 3,500 USD
The amount of the increase in length3cm * 2cm (thickness)

Penis Enlargement in Turkey (Video)

Before the enlargement surgery

  • As all of our previous articles, we offer you general and specific advice and instructions for any procedure. Therefore, we will give you instructions and tips before performing the penis enlargement procedure, and we will also draw your attention to some things.
  • First of all, you must make sure of the qualification and experience of the medical advisor in his field, and this is what will become apparent to you of the nature of the questions that he will ask you about and the information that he will ask of you. You are suitable or qualified for penis enlargement, and this, of course, to avoid any technical and health problems.
  • In the next step, after confirming your health information, the guide will send a detailed explanation about the process and what is interspersed with it from A to Z.
  • After making sure of the qualification of the advisor or medical consultant, and after setting the date for the operation, you must do the following:
  • A month before penis enlargement, you should reduce smoking and give up alcohol.
  • Two weeks ago, you must abstain completely from alcohol, but there is no objection to smoking some cigarettes, but the more you reduce the better.
  • The day before the operation, I came to the hospital for medical tests.
  • Note: You can do the tests on the same day of the operation, but that is according to the hospital, and this is what the medical advisor will tell you if the tests can be done a day before or on the same day.

Penis enlargement surgery steps

The steps for penis enlargement are summarized as follows:

  1. Analyzes

    After the results of the medical tests are issued, and to confirm your eligibility and ability to undergo the procedure.

  2. Anesthesia

    Of course, the anesthesia will start and wait for the anesthesia to take effect.

  3. During the operation

    First, the fat that will be injected is withdrawn from the pubic area and re-injected under the skin into the penis, then the doctor will work on releasing the silk ligament to obtain an extra length and a greater width.

Anesthesia type

The types of anesthesia differ in many cosmetic operations, some of which require full anesthesia, some that require local anesthesia, and some of them also can be done either with local anesthesia or general anesthesia, according to the person’s preference.

But the process of penis enlargement or penis enlargement, general or general anesthesia is mandatory, and this is what the doctor chooses of course.

As the penis enlargement process cannot be done with local anesthesia, but only with general or general anesthesia.

After Penis enlargement surgery

  • After the procedure, you will stay in the hospital for two or three days to ensure the success of the operation and to reassure your health.
  • Then the doctor will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics for you, and you must make sure that you take the medicine on time.
  • He will describe some of the necessary creams for you and tell you how you should do a massage for the member so that the best result is obtained.
  • You have to return on the fifth or sixth day of the operation to see the doctor for the last time and be sure of the success of the operation.
  • And here you are, with a bigger and bigger organ or penis.

FAQ – Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Is penis enlargement safe?

Our answer is a safe yes, because the doctor does not work in the form of the penis and does not work with the penis from the inside, so the procedure is purely external and does not cause any harm.

Does penis enlargement affect an erection?

What we have to assure you is because penis enlargement does not permanently affect the erection, but it is likely that it will not strengthen the erection if you have erectile dysfunction.

Does penis enlargement affect reproduction?

Our answer to you and our assurance to you that the process of enlarging the penis does not also affect the reproduction completely. As we said before that the operation is from the external place of the member and not from the inside. These three questions are the most prominent of what we ask about and the most prominent of what young men and men inquire about, who communicate with us on a daily basis to inquire about this procedure.

Cost of Penis enlargement in Turkey

  • Like our previous articles, we tell you that the prices of anything in the world differ from one country to another and from one place to another.
  • Also, penis enlargement or penis enlargement costs vary between countries of the world as it rises sometimes and decreases at other times.
  • Also, the cost of this procedure is not considered low or low, as its cost can reach more than $ 6000, and it is possible more, depending on the country.
  • What we can say and assure you is that Turkey provides this procedure at a cost that is relatively acceptable if we compare it with other countries.
  • The average cost of penis enlargement in Turkey ranges from 2,500 dollars to 4,000 dollars, depending on whether you want to lengthen without exposure or vice versa, or both.
  • The cost also varies from hospital to hospital according to the name, reputation and location of the hospital.

Penile Operation Types

There are several types of operations related to the male organ and they are:

  • Surgically enlarging the organ, which is the traditional procedure that will enable you to get a bigger and bigger penis. This process consists of two stages: the first is the release of the silk ligament and the second is the injection of autologous fat into the organ.
  • Penis implants.
  • Stents to solve the erection problem.

Candidates for Penis enlargement

As with every procedure, we will talk to you about the people who are qualified to perform the operation, and we also thank you for the unqualified ones as well

So the people eligible for penis enlargement procedure are:

  • Everyone who is in good health and over the age of puberty wants to have had a cleansing operation previously.
  • Everyone who suffers from a short penis or penis.
  • Anyone in good health and who has completed the previous conditions can enlarge the penis, as this process is not considered for a specific group, but for all groups of males without discrimination.

As for the ineligible persons are:

  • Patients with heart and pressure.
  • Diabetics.
  • Patients who have an infectious disease.
  • And patients who use blood-thinning medications.
  • These people are the most prominent who cannot enlarge the penis or enlarge the penis.

Intercourse after penile enlargement surgery

  • After penis enlargement surgery in Turkey, men cannot be impatient and begin to ask about when they can return to their sexual activity.
  • If there is a specific period specified by the doctor for you, and this period is summarized by:
  • If you have only undergone penis exposure, you can have sex after 4 weeks.
  • But if you underwent penis enlargement by releasing the silk ligament, you should wait at least a month to 40 days after the operation, in order to be able to return to your activity and have sex.
  • The period of 4-6 weeks also applies to you if you enlarge the penis by increasing the length and width together.

Short penis reasons

A large number of young people today suffer from a short penis or short penis, and the reason for shortening the penis is due to many reasons.

Small penis syndrome, or MICROPENIS, which is a genetic and hormonal problem such as a lack of testosterone, but do not worry because if this condition was discovered early on, it can be treated. Or it could even be hereditary. There are no other causes for shortening of the penis or penis.

In order to be able to determine whether the penis is short or not, you have to wait after the length and growth stops for a year or two, and so you can determine whether it is short or good. The length of the normal and average atomic organ ranges from 12 to 15 cm.

Penis lengthening tips

Some young men believe that his performance during the relationship may vary according to the length of the penis, but what the doctors agreed upon is that height cannot determine the performance of a man whether it is good or bad.

And because of this prevailing thought, the length and size of the member increases men’s self-confidence and makes them feel arrogant. Therefore, many men resort to penis enlargement surgery in Turkey. Leave aesthetic gives you various tips that may benefit you:

  • The first advice is not to let the length of the penis constitute a barrier between you and your sexual capabilities.
  • The second advice is not to let the length of the penis also make you feel deficient or lose your confidence in yourself.
  • As for the third advice, if you think that the member is too small, you must first consult your doctor before deciding on any surgery or penis enlargement.
  • These are the three most important advice we are interested in mentioning to you that some may not know.

Penis enlargement surgery results

  • We have also brought you back in all articles and blogs, and as others know us, how transparent we are with the customer and honest, so we will not try to summarize the truth for you.
  • The results of penis enlargement or penis enlargement are very successful in Turkey, but you should not take it easy and choose the right hospital and doctor to avoid any unwanted problems because it is possible for your money to go to waste and not get any result or you may be exposed to other things You need it.
  • So, as we said, choose the right hospital and take your time by asking about the doctor and his experience in his field. You also have to ask to see the doctor’s work before and after the operation.
  • The results in leaving a static are excellent. I am 100% of the customers who are grateful to do business with us because we deal with transparency and credibility with you.
  • How the doctor has experience of not less than 10 years in his field, we also have to note that since our professional career in this field began today, we have not encountered any failure in this process and did not encounter any unwanted side effects.

Penis enlargement Techniques

  • The process of penis enlargement or penis enlargement is done in two ways or two stages, as we prefer to say:
  • The first stage is the stage of obtaining the length or increasing the length, which is done by releasing the silk ligament, in order to take a length between 1 to 3 cm more and it varies according to the people.
  • You have to pay attention that the silk ligament is not cut, but only some of it is freed so that you can get a length increase, and the release of the lace is not something dangerous at all.
  • As for the second stage, it is the stage of obtaining an increase in the circumference of the penis or penis, and this stage is done by liposuction of pubic fat, and sometimes it is possible to suction fat from the abdomen or thighs and this is the doctor’s decision, of course, after liposuction and cleaning and Its filter is injected under the skin into the organ.
  • We have to thank you that in the first two weeks you will notice an increase in the size of the organ, and that is because the doctor injects excess fat because it will dissolve over time and what will remain will be for a long time or may be eternal, according to the people as well.

01- Pubic sculpture

One of the most important causes of penis or penis shortening is the accumulated pubic fat that prevents the appearance of the true length of the organ, so you can get rid of these fats with a process called pubic sculpting, where the doctor works on suctioning this excess fat, so the result will appear excellently.

This process can be performed with local anesthesia and does not take much time, but rather what does not exceed an hour.

02- Fat injection to increase the width

  • As we spoke in a paragraph from the previous Euphrates, fat injections are withdrawn to obtain an increase in the supply.
  • The stem cells and fat accumulated in the pubic area and around the penis are removed.
  • Then the aspirated fat is cleaned and filtered from impurities.
  • Then it is injected around the penis under the thin skin, thus you will get an increase in width.

03- Release the strap to increase the length

Releasing the silk band leads to an increase in the length of the member, with a size ranging from 1 to 3 cm. The result varies from person to person, and we cannot guarantee you a specific number because the nature of the bodies differs from one person to another.

Liberating the silk ligament does not pose a risk either to an erection or to childbearing, because it remains suspended and not cut, but only the doctor frees it in order to be able to increase the length that is buried under the silk ligament.

04- Vacuum devices to enlarge the penis

Vacuum devices are used to increase the ability of the penis to erect, and it is a plastic tube with a battery-operated pump.

We cannot give our opinion on this invention, but what we can confirm is that it is very useful after the operation of penis enlargement for a period of more than a month.

05- Special oils

There are also many oils and creams that help to strengthen and penetrate the cells in the penis.

Also, some types of oils and creams contain hyaluronic acid, which works to inflate the penis, which gives an increase in the width of the penis.

Also, these oils and creams have a lot of uses, which you can only find in certain places.

06- Reduce the scrotum

This procedure is not suitable for all cases, but only for certain cases, which are the cases that occur from childbirth and the problem is the skin surrounding the bottom of the member that is attached to the member, covering half of the member and reducing it will give great benefit to the man.

You cannot make a personal decision to reduce the scrotum except after seeing a doctor, because only the doctor can decide whether you need this procedure or not.

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We also provide you with additional services such as translation service, airport reception, transportation between the hotel and the hospital, and vice versa. We can also secure hotel reservations for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about any cosmetic or treatment issue.

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