Ozone Therapy in Turkey

Ozone Therapy in Turkey
Ozone Therapy in Turkey

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Ozone Therapy in Turkey


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Ozone Therapy in Turkey we often heard about a modern technology, which is ozone therapy and its use in the treatment of diseases and cosmetic treatments, especially in Turkey, so what is ozone therapy? What are its methods? How does it affect our bodies? We will learn about this topic in our following article.

What is ozone?

In Greek, this word means (smell) and in general ozone is found in air particles close to ground levels, thanks to the components present inside the ozone.
And ozone O3 is a chemical compound, i.e. a gas that consists of three atoms of oxygen and is used to purify water foundations and is considered a bacteriostatic.
In recent years we often hear words such as ozone therapy, ozone gas, meaning we can say that the importance of ozone gas in our lives has become important.

What is ozone therapy in Turkey?

It is an ancient treatment that has become, in the present day, frequently used in physical and cosmetic treatments.

It is important to know about ozone that it does not belong as alternative medicine, but rather has a very high impact in scientific medicine.

The Germans called him “blood washing”

It has been used in diseases and continues until the present time, and the most important feature of ozone treatment is that it is given to the patient and the disease in very different ways, such as an injection into the blood or an injection into the intestine or ozone bags on wounds, inflammatory ulcers and water pads.

Ozone is generally used in medicine such as dentistry, aesthetic medicine, industry, sterilization of drinking water and olive oil that is saturated with ozone “O3”.

In addition to mixing it with oxygen in the treatment in different ways with what is required for treatment by mixing it with blood or injecting it into the intestine or ozone bags on wounds, inflammatory sores and water pads.

How does ozone therapy affect the body?

As for its many properties, we can use ozone as part of treatment plans to treat and cure almost all diseases.

Ozone treatment increases white blood cells that counteract inflammation and infection in the body and increase cell functions, and it is a strong and effective antiseptic. Ozone therapy has a role in strengthening the body’s immunity against any infection it takes from outside, increasing resistance and curing all diseases that threaten the immune system, as it kills fungi, bacteria and viruses in the human body.

It helps in treating some incurable diseases such as cancer and works to delay cancer activity by stopping the growth of cancer cells and eliminating it through the secretion of defense enzymes, which is a catalyst for building cells, improving body functions, reducing cell damage and working to increase their capacity.

Treating viral hepatitis, diabetic urine, diabetic foot, bed sores, rheumatic diseases, joints, allergic diseases, skin diseases such as eczema, cardiovascular disease due to increased cholesterol in the blood, treatment of burns and wounds, back pain, herniated disc, cases of gangrene and rheumatism …

Session Benefits

We can consider ozone therapy “O3” technology as safe and has no side effects. Science has proven this fact and considered this technology an important basis in medicine to treat a huge number of skin diseases. We can rely on the global level and apply it widely in most countries of the world, and it is painless at all.

Therefore, ozone therapy has many benefits, such as increasing the anti-inflammatory white blood cells and infection in the body

It increases cell functions in it and is considered an antiseptic, protective and strengthening the body against infection and bacteria

And treatment of all diseases that cause the decrease in the immune system and most importantly, it treats and kills fungi, bacteria and viruses in the body.


Is the skin affected by ozone treatment?

When ozone therapy is completed, the skin becomes more tight and smooth, and ozone therapy plays a major role in achieving these actions by increasing blood circulation in the skin.
Also, ozone therapy contributes to getting new skin that is younger, smoother and cleaner, increasing blood circulation in tissues and cells, and increasing resistance to infectious diseases.

Is ozone therapy useful in aging skin?

We all know that as we get older, lines start to appear and appear on the face, and in order to prevent this, cosmetic treatments and creams are applied to fight aging of the skin and there are many techniques that must be applied. And strengthens it.

Can cellulite be treated by ozone?

Ozone affects cellulite in many ways and interacts with fatty acids, breaking their chains, ridding the body of them, increasing oxygen and reducing the capacity of red blood cells in fat cells through capillaries, and this is due to the nature of the cells’ metabolism, as the effect of ozone therapy on cellulite was observed stronger than traditional cellulite treatment.

Ozone therapy Types

  1. The main method:

Done by 50 – 200 ml of blood and mixing it with ozone and giving it in a specific dose to the patient.

  1. The simple way:

Done by 2-5 cm of blood and mixed with ozone and given by intramuscular injection.

  1. General method:

A certain dose of ozone gas is taken and entered under the skin by injection with very fine tip needles.

Cost of Ozone Therapy in Turkey

Ozone is not considered expensive in Turkey, but one session is not sufficient.

And prices differ from one center to another according to the center itself and the doctor.

The cost of the session ranges from $ 150 to $ 300.

You can contact us via the link to get a more accurate cost and visit YouTube for more information.