Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey is one of the required cosmetic operations, especially in our Arab world. Girls can regain their virginity with this cosmetic procedure.

The goal of this process is to seek refuge in virginity, as you know of course. But it is important for us to mention that it is possible for a girl to lose her virginity due to an accident or assault, and not only because of sexual intercourse.

The most important goal of membrane grafting is to restore the girl’s self-confidence, especially for girls in the Arab community.

the following schedule show quick information about Vaginoplasty:

AnesthesiaLocal – Full
Operation duration45 – 60 minuets
Return to daily activityImmediate
Return to Hard activitiesAfter One month
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Turk Aesthetic Cost1500 – 2000 USD

Hymenoplasty in Turkey – Video

Hymenoplasty in Turkey – FAQ

How Hymenoplasty process is done?

After admission procedures to the hospital, some checks and analyzes are done to ensure the health of the girl before undergoing the Hymenoplasty
Then, during the operation, the doctor tightens the edges of the torn membrane and then sutures it with very small stitches, which quickly dissolve a few days after the operation, and then the doctor leaves a small incision in half of the vagina.
It is important for us to mention that the membrane grafting process can be performed with general or local anesthesia.

Who is the doctor who can perform Hymenoplasty?

Usually this procedure requires a specialist gynecologist or a plastic surgeon, and it is better to recommend a plastic surgeon because his experience is higher in terms of aesthetics. The choice of a plastic surgeon instead of a gynecologist may affect the cost slightly, but it is better, as we mentioned earlier, in that his ability to perform this procedure in doubt Cosmetic, not just curative.

How long the process takes?

the process takes about an hour not more

Does the patient need a hospital to perform the operation?

There is no need to book an appointment before a hymen patch is performed, as it is usually done in private outpatient clinics and the patient is anesthetized locally, not generally.

When can the patient return to her usual activities?

immediately after the operation, but she must follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure the success of the operation.

Is there any side effect of the operation?

There are some minor side effects, which are:
Slight bleeding could lasts for 7 to 10 days after the operation, it is somewhat similar to the menstrual cycle.
Paresthesia of the vagina in the first period of the procedure as a result of local anesthesia.
Expected infections or fungi due to the sensitivity of the area, so the area must be kept sterile and clean.

Aftercare Tips

  • After the hymen reconstruction, the girl must abstain from sex and not engage in any sexual activity for at least the first four weeks.
  • You should also pay attention to all kinds of sports activities, especially riding a bike or horse, and avoid any friction in the area.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina as much as possible to avoid infections and fungi that may cause the operation to fail.
  • If any pain occurs, you can take painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
  • Adhere to the instructions given by the doctor and regularly use antibiotic medications.

It should also stay away from:

  1. Stressful practices.
  2. Carrying heavy weights.
  3. Sports and running.
  4. Standing for long hours.
  5. Avoid severe bends such as very stiff kneeling or spreading between the feet.
  6. Sterilize the area well with sterilization solutions.
  7. That the patient does not suffer from constipation that may lead to ruptures in the place of plastic surgery.
  8. Be careful not to get fungi in the area and keep it.

Cost of Hymenoplasty in Turkey

For the Cost of Hymenoplasty in Turk Aesthetic is 1500 USD – 2000 USD depending on anesthesia type.

You can visit our youtube for information.

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