Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)

Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)
Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)

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Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)


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Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul) “Cupping Therapy” Who does not like beauty and taking care of himself and his beauty, and to show the features of beauty and freshness of the skin by using cosmetic methods such as cosmetic products and procedures and others

And because we all seek to reach natural beauty and fresh skin, there is cupping, which has become one of the cosmetic techniques adopted by world famous stars, especially in Turkey, which is considered a pioneer in the field of cupping and its use.

Cosmetic cupping, or what is known as sliding air cups for the face and neck, is one of the cosmetic methods known all over the world and is applied in many forms.

So, in this article, we will talk about cupping in Turkey, its importance and features.

Hijama how it works

Hijama is classified among the most important treatments in alternative medicine. Our ancient ancestors relied on it to treat many diseases.

After the development of medicine and the conduct of research and experiments, scientists confirmed the success of cupping in treating many diseases, and it became popular in European and Arab countries and others.

They proved to us that cupping has various benefits that are not limited to the mother’s back and head, but have entered many areas, including cosmetic, psychological and others.

And the use of cupping is not limited to men only, but it can be used for both sexes, males and females, and of different ages.

What distinguishes cupping from other treatments is that it is a natural and healthy treatment, far from harmful drugs, chemicals, botox injections, fillers and others.

Cupping tool (Hijama in Turkey – Istanbul)

Glass, silicone or rubber cups for cupping, with different sizes, as the cups that are used in the back area differ from the cups used in the face and head area, flammable paper scraps or special flammable materials according to what the treating specialist chooses if only glass cups are used, a surgical scalpel Too small to make minor cuts in the case of wet cupping.

Cupping Types (Hijama in Turkey – Istanbul)

There are two types of cupping:

Dry cupping: You do not need to cut the skin and take out the blood that collected under the cup.
Wet cupping: You need to make a slight cut in the skin to get rid of the blood that has collected in this area, and it is a simple procedure that does not cause fear or pain.

Hijama Therapy (methods)

If the cups used are glass:

  • A small piece of paper is used that is ignited and placed inside the cup and pressed in a twisting method to the desired area in order for this cup to stick to the skin. (The use of flammable material varies by professional.)
  • The cup remains in its place until it cools and through the cup there appears a swelling of the skin in the area under the cup as a result of the pressure caused after the cup cools.
  • We leave the cup for a period of approximately 2-3 minutes.
  • We take out the cup from its place, and notice the formation of a red spot and swollen skin according to the size of the opening of the cup, in case it was left on the position of this medicine that was formed we call it dry cupping, but if the specialist finished any procedure of minor wounds in these circles and extracted some blood points from it by suction method we call it Wet cupping, and in both cases we get the required benefits. In some cases, we reach what we want with dry cupping, and some need to apply wet cupping to get better results.
  • The specialist sterilizes the beaker areas that he has placed on the treated area.
  • An antibiotic ointment is prescribed after cupping to avoid the occurrence of any infection in the places of the cups, especially when the cupping is wet.
  • If using rubber or silicone cups, there is no need to use scraps of paper or flammable material).

Hijama before and after instructions

Pre-cupping instructions

  • You must shower before cupping for a period of 3-4 hours, to stimulate blood, and it is not permissible to shower directly before it.
  • Not to eat food before cupping for a period of between 4-5 hours, because after eating, the activity of our blood circulation is concentrated in the digestive system, and this contradicts the work of cupping that regulates circulation.

Post-cupping instructions

  • Drink more water and fluids to keep the body hydrated.
  • You must stop drinking some drinks for 24 hours after cupping, including drinks that contain stimulants such as coffee, tea and others, and replace them with green tea, and not drink soft drinks.
  • Focusing on a diet rich in fiber, such as vegetables and green leaves, and you can eat fish, and avoid animal products (meat, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.), within 24 hours only after cupping.
  • It is prohibited to shower after cupping for a day or two, depending on the type of cupping, wet or dry.
  • It is preferable to stop smoking for a day or two to get better results.
  • Lack of exercise and sexual intercourse for a period ranging between 24-48 hours.
  • Adherence to anointing the area after cupping with medicinal ointments prescribed by the specialist to avoid the occurrence of infections, especially in wet cupping, which requires a minor wound.

Hijama Body Areas

  • Noon.
  • Head made by a specialist.
  • Buttocks.
  • the chest.
  • Belly.
  • The legs.

And other areas determined by the specialist according to specific safety conditions.

Can Hijama be performed at home?

Cupping can be applied at home if you have the information and experience, or at a specialized center in cupping.

We can buy cupping tools from pharmacies, which are plastic or silicone tubes and cups of different sizes.

But it became possible to perform cupping sessions in specialized and reliable medical and cosmetic centers far from effort and at a small cost.

Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)
Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul)

Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul) – the Benefits

Cupping has countless benefits, we will mention the most important of them:

  1. Stimulating blood circulation, removing toxins from the body and helping to facilitate the passage of blood into the vessels.
  2. Recently, it was discovered how important cupping is to have healthy skin and radiant freshness.
  3. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age lines on the face and preserving the radiance and youthfulness of the skin.
  4. Cupping works to renew facial cells and restore skin from wrinkles and skin sagging due to weight loss and aging.
  5. It has the advantage of helping reduce and relieve stress on the body and skin, and maintain the vitality of the body and skin.
  6. Cupping increases the absorption of stagnant fluids from the storage areas by the skin and face.
  7. And do not forget its usefulness in reducing acne, sagging and swelling of the face.
  8. Cupping reduces tension and distress, especially when cupping is applied to the muscles associated with the TMJ.
  9. It also helps get rid of sinus infections and a sense of relief.
  10. Hijama also works to combat aging factors such as freckles, melasma, dark circles on the face and skin, and to increase collagen activity in the skin to keep the skin fresh and pink, and to re-activate the blood supply to the skin, which reduces the symptoms of lack of perfusion in the body and skin.

As for the diseases that cupping treats, they are:

  • Blood diseases such as anemia.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Migraine and migraine, which causes headache.
  • Problems related to childbearing and lack of fertility.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Depression.
  • Muscle spasms in the back, abdomen, and between the shoulders.
  • diabetic.

Also, we cannot forget that cupping in Turkey (Istanbul) today has entered the field of cosmetology strongly, as it has become a destination for many in order to obtain a bright face and a distinctive look without resorting to the use of surgeries and exposure to devices that differ in their use for types of waves, and there is a great demand for the use of Cupping in beauty centers in Turkey, as beauty centers have allocated special sections in their centers for facial care using cupping and have great results.

Contraindications for cupping therapy

  • Cupping can not be applied directly to the arteries, veins, nerves, and areas affected by varicose veins such as legs and thighs.
  • The belly and back of the woman in the event of pregnancy.
  • It is not possible to use cupping in people who have implanted an electrical device in the heart.
  • People with kidney failure.
  • Cancer patient.
  • Patients with permanent bleeding (and those who take blood-clotting medications to avoid bleeding in the event of wet cupping).
  • Heart patient.
  • In the event of severe skin disease or wounds in the area where the cupping will be applied.
  • Children under the age of 6 years, and after this age the specialist determines the acceptable age for performing cupping.

There are temporary cases in which cupping is prohibited, and after a while it becomes available, such as: The blood donor after a period of time can be cupped for him, and there are people who suffer from severe inflammatory conditions when these cases disappear, they can use cupping as well.

Inside the Hospital

Hijama Side Effects

  • Some light superficial burns, which result from the heat of the crystal cup used, but if the matter is performed by a specialist, no burn occurs.
  • Traces of the cups remain visible in the form of blue or red spots for about a week and then disappear without leaving any traces.
  • Mild inflammation of the skin due to the process of removing the collapsed blood in the area of ​​the cup, which is eliminated by suction or by needle pricking.
  • Discomfort in the beginning from placing the cups on the skin, if you were one of the people who underwent cupping for the first time, and with the repetition of the process the body gets used to it.

And finally, in the event that you visit Istanbul and when you have any inquiries about Hijama in Turkey (Istanbul) you can contact us via the link around the clock. Or you can visit our YouTube channel for other information.