Chinese Acupressure in Turkey

Chinese Acupressure in Turkey
Chinese Acupressure in Turkey

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Chinese Acupressure in Turkey


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Chinese acupressure in Turkey is considered one of the latest methods of treatment and pain relief, but this is done under the supervision of specialized people and licensed therapists and not anyone who can treat acupuncture.

And we all used to hear about the ancient use of Chinese acupuncture in Chinese medicine to treat diseases and to alleviate the pain that afflicts humans.

They are pricked in certain and different places of the body, as these needles are pricked in the body, the body’s energy is released in the different energy paths.

It is worth noting that the acupuncture of these needles stimulates blood circulation in the body.

It stimulates the pain reliever endorphins.

Acupuncture does not cause severe pain, but it is almost very simple because of the thickness of the needles, and Turkey is considered one of the best countries that followed this method after China.

Chinese acupressure methods

Chinese needles are very thin needles made of steel and there are types of needles made of gold and silver.

In Turkey, at the TurkStruck Center for Health and Therapeutic Care, we prick the needles in certain places of the body.

The main goal of the needles is to release the energy in the body through those places that we have stored with needles and re-activate it in the body, after which the person feels and enjoys relaxation and complete comfort.

Chinese needles types

In Turkey, we have kept pace with the development, introduction and use of Chinese needles, and we have brought in experts and professional therapists who have advanced experiences in the field and with the best modern equipment and needles while providing a safe and healthy atmosphere for acupuncture.

The Chinese are the first to use Chinese needles in treatment and they have identified 365 points in the human body that can be pricked, but there are different types of needles according to the situation, including:

  • Regular needles have a tooth and a head only.
  • Three-sided, used in certain situations.
  • The 7-point star needle is used for dermatology.
  • Incognito that is inserted under the skin.
  • Pressure needle It looks like a pin and is commonly used for addictions

Chinese needles Benefits

Treatment of various diseases and pains
Back pain, joint pain, tendon pain, dental pain, sinusitis, ear infection, chronic fatigue, fifth nerve inflammation, treatment of obesity, in addition to menstrual pain in women and many other diseases.

Back pain treatment
All people suffer from back pain, and everyone uses ointments and medicines to reduce back pain and physical treatment techniques, and most of them cannot get rid of these pain. But in our center in Turkey, our use of Chinese needles has proven effective in getting rid of back pain permanently.

Headache treatment
Getting rid of migraine headaches such as migraine or headaches resulting from tension, fatigue and nervous pressure, it has been shown recently that acupuncture technique has helped greatly in getting rid of headaches.

Chinese acupuncture, tendon and muscle pain
Reducing tendon and muscle pain and sport muscle spasms.

Joint pain treatment
It is used in the treatment and reduction of knee and joint pain and cartilage growth that afflicted many people in recent times and joint pain in old age.

Get rid of chronic and acute pain
Reducing and reducing the pain that people are exposed to due to many surrounding factors such as neck pain, muscles, elbows, migraine and menstrual pain in women

FAQ – Chinese Acupressure in Turkey

Can we use acupuncture on children?
Yes, research has shown that the use of acupuncture as a treatment for many symptoms that affect children (nausea, cancer, chemotherapy, headache, and migraine) helps children reduce and reduce these symptoms and treat the problem of hyperactivity and lack of attention.

Can we adopt acupuncture as an effective treatment?
Acupuncture has become internationally recognized, and all countries are using it after knowing and noticing its impressive and fast results, especially in medical centers, and it has become widely accepted in Turkey.

Contraindications to Chinese acupuncture (in Turkey)

Several factors must be paid attention to before treatment with Chinese acupuncture, there are cases that we cannot use needles in treatment, namely:

  • People who have blood problems such as high blood pressure, needles may increase blood bleeding.
  • Who has problems and malfunctions in the glands and their work.
  • Physical disorders and infectious diseases (cirrhosis, kidney failure)
  • Cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.
  • Psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, mania and delirium
  • Of course, for pregnant women, we can only use acupuncture after consulting a doctor.
  • Those who suffer from acquired immunodeficiency.
  • Before carrying out any treatment, it is necessary to make sure that the patient’s body accepts the use of these needles and is free from diseases or evidence that the patient’s body does not accept to use them in order to preserve his safety.

The most important thing is that acupuncture should not be used by anyone, but rather it must be done by specialized people and therapists and in Turkey centers that have the best staff and experts in acupuncture, otherwise the use of needles by specialists may cause danger and death.

The cost of Chinese Acupressure in Turkey

As for the material cost of the Chinese acupuncture process, the cost of one acupuncture session depends on the place in which the patient lives and his health insurance, the extent of his coverage for this type of treatment, and whether the practitioner or specialist takes private insurance or not.

There are centers that charge $ 124 per session, without health insurance coverage.

At other centers it costs $ 85 per session.

For example, in America, in remote provinces, the average cost of acupuncture treatment ranges from 60 to 85 dollars per session, and not for all stages of treatment that a person needs to recover from the disease that he suffers completely,

As for Chinese acupuncture in Turkey’s cost, you can contact us via the link or visit our YouTube channel.