Abortion in Turkey

Abortion in Turkey is considered one of the permissible procedures within certain conditions specified by Turkish law, but Turkish law allows abortion for some time, but this law was amended in 1983 and also specifies with it some provisions that women and doctors must also comply with, but Turkish law He is authorized to impose penalties on both parties, so exceeding the specified terms and period that allows them to have an abortion is a clear and clear violation of the law.

The following schedule show quick information about Abortion:

Operation duration30 – 45 minuets
Return to daily activityAfter 1 hour
Return to Hard activitiesAfter 2-7 days
Sexual intercourseAfter One week
Things to considerPregnancy duration 5 – 9 weeks
Turk Aesthetic Cost900 USD

FAQ – Abortion in Turkey

What are the medicines used after the operation?

The medicines that the doctor will prescribe to you will be painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and there may be other medicines according to the condition of each patient.

What is the appropriate age for the fetus to do an abortion?

Turkish law specifies a specific age for abortion and states that doctors and women who do not adhere to this period are punished.
The legal period of abortion starts from the first weeks until the tenth week, which is the maximum term for abortion.

What is the last period for which an abortion is allowed in Turkey?

As we talked about and we mentioned to you in the previous paragraph that the permissible period and the maximum that you must adhere to is 10 weeks. That is, the ninth week and the beginning of the tenth week is the last period for which an abortion is legally permitted.

Types and Methods of abortion

The most important methods used in the abortion process:

  1. Abortion with vacuum or manual aspiration
    The name speaks for itself, and it is a procedure that is performed through a special suction tube for this type of operation and a manual needle by means of which the operation of aspiration of the fetus, placenta and membranes is performed, and this process takes place within a period not exceeding 15 minutes and it is considered a painless procedure that does not cause Any danger to the health of women and it is very safe. No harm or fear of it.
  2. Abortion by expanding and emptying the uterus
    This method is used for pregnant women who exceeded the 15th week and are pregnant, and the doctor inserts a tube connected to a suction machine and also uses other equipment and the operation is completed, and this procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Also, abortion with dilation and curettage
    There is also medical abortion, which is one of the most common procedures, but we cannot say the safest, because it may cause irritation of the uterine wall and make it difficult to conceive in the next times, and we add that the medical procedure may not be a complete abortion and that the effects of the fetus remain inside The uterus, and this is what will poison the body, and in most cases it can lead to major effects, so we do not recommend medical abortion unless it is prescribed and instructed by the doctor.
Abortion with vacuum or manual aspiration

Cases Requiring Abortion

Yes, there are cases in which an abortion is required, and when the procedure is very necessary, in order to preserve the health of the woman

And of the cases that require the procedure are:

  • Incomplete and stunted growth of the fetus inside the womb.
  • Failure of food to reach the fetus in the correct and required manner.
  • Normal fetus malformations.
  • Or it is possible that pregnancy in general poses a risk that could lead to death, so in order to avoid reaching the risk, the procedure is done to save the life of the pregnant woman.
  • Some women carry more than 3 embryos in one womb, and it may not be suitable for her or she cannot bear 3 embryos, so they resort to abortions and it is not complete, but rather stopping the growth of one of the fetuses.

Abortion advantage

  • One of the most important advantages of abortion is the possibility of performing it, especially in sick and difficult cases that require an emergency abortion.
  • The positive also lies in getting rid of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Especially in our Arab countries, because of the oriental thinking we carry, especially for pregnant women or a virgin mother, as the West calls her.

Abortion defects

  • The abortion, even if a doctor has it, may have side effects, either if it is manual at home or with medication, there is no escape for you from the side effects, especially the great pain that you will feel during the home abortion process.
  • One of the most important negatives is that it may cause a woman to bleed for a period of up to two weeks, and the bleeding may be so profuse that a woman needs blood bags, so it is important to perform the operation at known doctors and clinics to avoid serious side effects.
  • Wounds or injuries to the uterus may occur during the procedure, especially if the gestational age is advanced.
  • And it is possible to have a birthmark and exposure to uterine infections.
  • And in the event of a medical abortion, it may be incomplete and cause major problems for the woman’s health.
Abortion legal state worldwide

Steps of Abortion in Turkey

In this paragraph, we will mention the steps of the procedure from the time of admission to the hospital until the time of discharge.

  • First, your passport will be used to enter your data in the hospital (it is important to us that we assure you that the data is confidential and that no one can see it).
  • After that, you will be directed to the laboratory examination room, and a small blood sample will be taken for the required tests, and these tests are very necessary.
  • After the tests are issued, the woman will be directed to the operating room or the room in which the abortion will take place, and semi-local and temporary anesthesia will be injected and will wait for some time until the anesthetic takes effect.
  • Here begins the abortion process, which does not take more than 20 minutes, and then you are taken to another room while you are weaned from the anesthesia and rest after the operation.
  • Then you can leave the hospital with the prescription that the doctor will write for you.
  • It is a very simple and safe procedure, so do not worry !!

Abortion after effects

Each medical procedure has side effects, and abortion has some side effects, including:

  • Mild pain after the procedure.
  • Body fatigue after the procedure.
  • Feeling tired for a certain period not more.
  • You must take the medicines prescribed by the doctor and adhere to them to avoid unwanted side effects.

Sex days after an abortion

A woman cannot have vaginal sex as long as there is bleeding and this bleeding is very normal in cases of abortion, which lasts for a period of one to two weeks.

After that, you can return to sexual activity, that is, after 10 to 15 days, but it is preferable to consult your doctor before commencing any sexual activity.

Instructions before the procedure

Before the procedure, there are some warnings that the medical consultant should warn you and tell you about, which is what the consultants will do when communicating with them, the most important warnings:

  • Not to drink alcohol for a period of not less than two weeks.
  • Abstain from smoking as well.
  • Coming to the hospital without eating for a period of at least 8 hours.
  • Not to take any medications without consulting a doctor.

Instructions after the procedure

There are some warnings after the procedure that you must adhere to and do not underestimate not to adhere to them, including:

  • Avoid performing actions that require physical strength, because during this period the body needs rest and relaxation.
  • Abstain from sex for the entire period of bleeding, for a period of not less than two weeks.
  • Take the medications prescribed by the doctor and stick to them on time, in order to avoid any side effects or risks.

Health status

The woman who will undergo the abortion must be in complete health. Therefore, before undergoing the abortion process, some blood tests and laboratory tests are done to ensure the safety and health of the woman who will not undergo the abortion.

Cost of Abortion in Turkey

Abortion in Turkey is one of the procedures that are widely spread, especially among arrivals from other countries, and most of them come from Arab countries because they are forbidden, do not legislate, and they are fined, and the doctor and the woman are subjected to punishment in case the procedure is performed.

The cost of abortion in Turkey is not considered low, but it is not considered high either, and prices may range from 600 to 1000 dollars, depending on the reputation of the doctor, hospital and medical center that you will deal with.

The cost also changes, especially if it is to be performed in the hospital or in the clinic, and the quality of services that will be provided to you varies.

Therefore, it is important for you not to take it easy, in order to preserve the safety of the procedure and the health of the woman.

Abortion with Turk Aesthetic

Abortion in Turk Aesthetic is considered a successful procedure for several important reasons, including:

  • The reputation of the doctors and their experience in their field, which exceeds 10 years in the medical field.
  • The hospital in which the procedure is performed is one of the most important and finest private hospitals in Turkey.
  • An escort by leaving a static from the first step to the last in the hospital.
  • We work under the roof of the law and do not go beyond the provisions of Turkish law.
  • We offer you very high quality services.

Abortion in Turkey – Additional services

Turk Aesthetic provides you with additional services that you can request during communication with us, including:

  • The translation service at the hospital is one of the free static services.
  • We can pick you up from the airport.
  • Reservation of a hotel near the hospital.
  • Transportation from the hospital to the hotel, and vice versa is also true.
  • All you have to do is contact us and request our additional services, and we will work to serve you in the best possible way.

How long to stay in Turkey

The necessary period for which you have to stay in Turkey is at least two days, because after the abortion, the woman will feel tired, so it is preferable to take a rest, but if she is in a hurry, she can do the procedure on the same day and go and travel also on the same Today, because the whole procedure does not exceed 2 to 3 hours in the hospital.

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