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Fractional laser is one of the latest technologies in the world today.

  • Plastic surgery is about to disappear after the emergence of many techniques that entered the world of modern medicine, which do not require anesthesia, such as restorative injections (BotoxFiller – collagen – Plasma – etc. …).
  • In addition to the methods of injection mentioned, the laser entered plastic medicine and interfered in all fields of medicine where everyone was astonished by his ability to build, demolish, and sculpt with the least effort, time, cost, and results that are more permanent and effective.
  • Turk Aesthetic talks about the fractional laser, which is one of the latest laser technologies that recently entered plastic medicine.

Here below some quick information about fractional laser session:

Anesthesiatopical cream
Session DurationApproximately 45 minutes
Results AppearanceAfter 2 weeks
Process AimUnifying skin color, removing pigmentation, scars and acne, and getting rid of light wrinkles.
results effectivenessAlways
RecommendationsAfter procedure: Use sunblock, avoid hot water and soap for a week
Sessions NumberOne or two sessions, maximum
Turk Aesthetic cost100$ – $ 500, depending on where the fractional will be applied
session details

Fractional Laser Video

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Fractional Laser
Fractional Laser

What is a fractional laser treatment

  • The laser generally exfoliates the skin layer by means of a certain amount of radiation and studied according to the patient’s condition.
  • The person suffers from pain and redness due to the peeled beam, and this pain lasts about two to three weeks.
  • To avoid this pain, the fractal technique appeared, which shed the laser beam in a refractive manner, at one point on the outer layer, to reach the middle layer and perform the required function.
  • Consequently, the beam does not affect the surrounding or unwanted areas by treating them so that the surface area of the skin is reduced more accurately.
  • As a result, it does not cause redness and swelling of the skin for more than two days.

Fractional CO2

  • The most recent recently released techniques that excel from its counterpart by treating chronic conditions such as treatment of deep and dense wrinkles, treatment of skin burns, irritating scars or surgical incisions, and acne that has an impact on the face.
  • One of the most prominent defects of CO2 is that it causes redness of the skin and a wider area than that caused by fractional laser.
  • Fractional CO2 can be used with people with dark skin without worrying about the occurrence of chromosomes on the skin. It is also preferable to use it for people over the age of fifty because it is more effective, in addition to that the skin problems at the age of fifty are more complicated.
  • As for the fractional laser, doctors prefer to use it to treat problems of young people or those who have not reached the age of fifty.
  • It is worth noting that the use of goggles during the session is important and necessary to avoid eye damage.

Fractional laser uses

  • It is used to remove wrinkles on the face, neck and body caused by aging or sudden weight loss.
  • Burn treatment.
  • Dark skin chromosomes, whether on the face or all over the body.
  • Scars and post-operative plastic surgery that leave a trail that does not go away over time.
  • It can be used with elderly people to add freshness to the overall shape.
  • Eye sagging treatment.

Fractional laser steps

  1. After selecting a doctor with experience in plastic surgery and before the operation, a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the place of treatment to relieve the pain.
  2. After that, the doctor uses an auxiliary medical gel to penetrate the skin’s lasers.
  3. The session begins and takes about an hour on average, according to the area of the place to be treated.
  4. After completing the session, the person experiences discomfort, but it is likely to be severe, according to the testimonies of the people who performed the operation.

Fractional laser cost

  • Generally, the cost of a fractional laser session differs from one country to another and from one city to another city in the same country.
  • In Turkey, too, prices vary according to each city and from one medical center to another.
  • The cost is also determined according to the location of the object on which the fractional will be applied.
  • For example, the cost of a facial fractional differs from a fractional cost for the bikini area.
  • The cost of a session generally in Turkey starts from 100 to 800 dollars.
  • As for the cost in leaving a static, the cost also starts from about 100 to 500 dollars.

And finally to request the cost of the laser from the Turk Aesthetic Medical Center in Turkey Istanbul, you can contact the technical support team via the link directly.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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