Facelift in turkey

Facelift in Turkey (Rhytidectomy) from Ancient Greek, means wrinkles removal, it refers to a cosmetic surgery that makes the face look younger. It is the best way to remove or hide wrinkles and saggy facial skin caused by aging, and it also tightens the skin.

Rhytidectomy can also:

  • Tighten several areas of the face in one single surgery.
  • It can make you five to ten years younger.
  • It is one of the best methods of reshaping the neck and chin (jaw alignment).

The cases that need facelift surgery in turkey:

  • In case you feel that your face doesn’t reflect your juvenility and energy levels.
  • You feel that face sagging and loose skin is a social or career obstacle.
  • If some aging symptoms appeared on the face but the skin is still flexible.
  • If you looked at the mirror and noticed that the age, exposure to sunlight and heredity may have affected your skin and you simply no longer look like you previously did.

What is Surgery steps in Turkey?

  • Skilled surgeons usually prefer to combine Facelift surgery with Blepharoplasty and other facial cosmetic surgeries; the doctors usually do it under general anaesthesia.
  • Facelift surgery is performed through an incision that begins from the upper hairline and before the ear (the temporal area), extends down until it reaches under the ear and then ascends behind the ear to end at the hairline behind the ear.
  • The skin and fat tissues are then removed from the muscle structure and connective tissue as much as possible to correct the sagged skin problem, the skin is lifted back to the top and the excess tissue is removed.
  • The wound is then sewn with medical metal stitches.
  • Some surgeons prefer to leave a special tube in the wounds to remove excess blood, and then they apply the bandages.

Guidelines after facelift surgery in Turkey

The patient should avoid taking aspirin or any medications that the doctor thinks it may harm him in the first week after surgery. Do not smoke or sit next to a smoker to avoid recovery delay.

Avoid sun exposure for 3 months, and follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to get the best results safely and painlessly.

Common complications after facelift surgery in Turkey

Scarring, swelling, bruising and hair loss, all these symptoms do not last more than 4 months.

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