Eyelid Beautification

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Eyelid Beautification

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Eyelid Beautification


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Eyelid Surgery The loose eyelids may not only constitute an aesthetic problem, but this problem encroaches on the functional performance of the eyes and turns into a real crisis in vision, especially when driving a car or during work on complex machines that require focus which leads to poor attention to a threat to human life.

The operation is performed individually or as a complement and accompanies other operations such as the process of face lifting and eyebrow lifting or lifting.

As for the age appropriate for a group of these operations, it is the age of thirty and beyond.

Here Below some quick facts about Eyelid Surgery Surgery:

Procedure duration1 Hour
Results AppearanceImmediately
Continuity of resultsLifetime
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Eyelid Surgery Video

Before & After Blepharoplasty 


What is Eyelid Surgery?

A process performed to beautify the appearance of the eye and get rid of sagging eyelids by stretching the upper or lower eyelid or both together to make the eyes appear vibrant in appearance and youthful.

Eyelid lifting problems:

  • The folds and wrinkles that affect eye function and lead to visual disturbance.
  • Eliminate excess fat leading to puffy eyes.
  • Fat cysts and puffiness under the eyes.
  • The eyelid droplets revealing the whites of the eye below the stain.
  • Small wrinkles in the lower eyelids.

Types of Eyelid Beautification

  • Lower eyelids.
  • The upper eyelids.
  • Laser eyelid surgery.
  • Surgically tightening the eyelids.
  • Eyelid plasty to treat swelling and cyst.

Eyelid Surgery steps

  • The anesthesia stage requires no more than local anesthesia in the cases of laser cosmetology or even traditional surgery.
  • But some prefer general anesthesia and there is no problem applying it if the patient does not have health problems.
  • The surgical incision is made by laser or surgically with a medical scalpel.
  • And the surgical incision varies with length, according to the method used for plastic surgery. In any case, as a result, these incisions do not appear after the completion of the operation.
  • The stage of getting rid of fat and tightening muscles.
  • Finally, the surgical incision is cosmetically closed with simple stitches that dissolve into the skin after a short period.
  • The process takes about one to three hours, according to the patient’s condition.

Risks and complications

  • Bruising and swelling in the eyes area.
  • Bleeding can be avoided by conducting pre-operative medical analyzes.
  • Itching, pain and excessive tears.
  • Loss of feeling and numbness in the face, which is a rare feeling.
  • Sudden sensitivity to light.
  • Dry eyes.
  • The scars that do not go away with time are usually caused by a lack of doctor experience.
  • These symptoms are temporary and go away gradually with the passage of time, in addition to the possibility of alleviating some of them using analgesics.

Eyelid Surgery Aftercare instructions

  • Healthy food.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids.
  • Stay away from stimuli, soft drinks, alcohol and smoking.
  • Not to be exposed to excessive sunlight, especially in the first period.
  • The results appear shortly after the operation, after recovering from bruising, swelling in the area of the eyes, and give the patient a feeling of being younger.

Celebrities underwent an eyelid lift

  • And world star Sofia Lauren.

Eyelid Surgery Costs

The costs of plasticizing the eyelids are not covered by health insurance, and the cost, including hospital fees, surgeons, and anesthesia, ranges around $ 2000.

A large percentage of patients who performed eyelid surgery agreed that the doctor’s trouble and the difficulty of the operation are worth the high cost, and as it is said, the most inexpensive plastic surgery is said.

Finally, to get the costs of plasticizing the eyelids in addition to a full treatment package from the Turk Aesthetic Medical Center in Istanbul, you can contact us via the link.