Eye Problems and Treatment

Eye Problems and Treatment
Eye Problems and Treatment

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Eye Problems and Treatment


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Eye problems and treatment In this article we will briefly list the most common vision problems and treat each problem separately

Sightedness (Eye Problems and Treatment)

  • The most common functional problems of vision are blurring of color contrast and blurred vision
  • These symptoms do not mean the presence of a deviation … Only the deviation can be diagnosed through a medical examination
  • As for the treatment of the deviation, it can be through medical glasses, contact lenses, or reshaping the cornea, which is the basis of the cause of the problem using laser beams.
  • There are other surgical solutions using lasers, such as LASIK, which is the most common and has several caveats
  • Age It is not permissible to apply the laser to those who did not exceed the age of twenty because the changes in the level of vision are considered unstable and the success of the operation cannot be predicted, nor even the stability of the result in the event that the operation is completed and succeeded at an early age. Therefore, the application of the laser is recommended to correct vision after the age of twenty to obtain On the required results
  • Only the doctor decides the feasibility of the operation after the medical examination.


Functionally, myopia means the need to stare more at something to see it, and the degrees of myopia vary to severe, moderate, and simple
Myopia can be treated with traditional methods through glasses or contact lenses, but they may not be desirable, so surgery can be used, which is done by laser.


  • It can be expressed with annoyance at seeing things because they seem too close to sight and confused, and it is not possible to feel comfortable until after the object is moved away or away from it because of the possibility of seeing it better.
  • The problem can also be treated by laser surgery, and only the doctor decides the possibility of performing it after the diagnosis


  • There are various forms of strabismus inward (nose), outward, up or down
  • There is also about permanent, which is the type that seeks to treat. As for the types of treatment, there is the traditional treatment, which is the medical glasses
  • And a surgical solution that treats the eye muscles


  • It is the opaque spot in the lens of the eye that affects normal vision
  • The problem occurs with age or when there is diabetes, blood pressure, previous eye surgery
  • When the problem becomes more serious, surgery is a foregone conclusion
  • During the operation, the affected lens is replaced by cataract with an artificial lens
  • In the case of injury to the two lenses, the operation is done in a row, not in one go
  • The operation does not require time to be performed, only half an hour of time at the latest, and it does not require a stay in the hospital
  • Healing takes only two weeks and vision will return to normal


  • One of the common functional problems affecting the optic nerve, which carries information from the eye to the brain, which leads to a gradual loss of vision
  • Through treating the problem, the development of vision impairment can be stopped, and the treatment cannot restore the ability to see in the event of vision loss, so in the event of vision problems, you should not neglect the doctor’s review.
  • Surgery is also involved in advanced cases, as well as laser

Diabetic retinopathy

One of the visual problems that afflict the owners of diabetics of all kinds
With the loss of control over the control of the level of sugar in the blood and reaching high levels, the retina is affected, and specifically the blood vessels connected to it, so that the sugar granules close the small blood vessels and affect the eyesight with the result

The problem can be treated by laser, injection, or surgical intervention
Finally, when you need an indication in Turkey for functional vision problems, you can contact the Turk Aesthetic treatment department