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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to complete sexual intercourse because of the incapacity to control penis erection time and strength, which results in sexual intercourse failure or difficulty in completing the process. When erectile dysfunction happens it does not have to be accompanied by the lack of sexual desire, the cause is often physical and sometimes it is related to the psychological state of the patient.

In this article, Turk aesthetic explains everything related to erection dysfunction.

Which age group of men is affected by erectile dysfunction?

This problem often occurs for men at the beginning of the age of forty and it increases with aging, reaching 75% for those over the age of 65.

Erection mechanism

The penis is a rubber muscle that expands when blood passes into the spongy tissues (spongiosum) inside the penis to erect and shrink when the pumping of blood to the spongiosum drops to a smaller amount. The entire erection process involves both the brain and the nerves that reach the penis and in case of any problem with any of these organs leads to Erectile Dysfunction, what are its causes?

  • Diabetes is one of the most important and common causes of erectile dysfunction.
  • Heart disease, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Cholesterol and obesity.
  • Hormonal disorder in men.
  • Bad habits that negatively affect the health of blood vessels, such as drinking alcohol.
  • The medicine used to treat an enlarged prostate or using antidepressants and sedatives.
  • A surgery that was undergone and has affected erection negatively.
  • The psychological factor (anxiety – depression – mental or muscle effort) is a reason for erectile dysfunction. Also, erectile dysfunction results in poor self-confidence and poor psychological state.

Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

In order to find an appropriate solution for erectile dysfunction, first, the patient’s case is diagnosed, the doctor asks some questions, such as:

  • When did it start?
  • How long does it last?
  • Does the patient suffer from certain diseases?
  • What are the used medications?
  • Is there a low blood pressure and pumping?
  • The mental state.
  • The doctor also asks for blood, testosterone, and cholesterol levels tests then gives the most appropriate treatment according to the diagnosis result.

Erectile dysfunction solutions

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are multiple solutions used to treat the problem of penile erection. There are natural alternatives that help strengthen the nerves and stimulate blood pumping and stimulate it. There are also medical alternatives (such as medications and injections).

Finally, there are surgical alternatives. Also, a man may resort to transplantation. We will discuss these solutions and alternatives with some details:

Natural solutions for penile erectile dysfunction

Celery: It stimulates the nerves and has an effective role in penile erection.

Seafood: a lot of fish and shrimp stimulates and strengthens the nerves it also helps in an effective erection.

Dates: rich with phosphorus, it is a good tonic for the nerves.

Watercress: Known for its effective role in penile erection.

Camel milk: it increases sexual desire.

It is worth mentioning that weight loss, exercise, avoiding alcohol and smoking has an important role in a healthy body. Therefore, commitment to these matters is one of the natural solutions that help sexual intercourse success in addition to being calm and avoiding anxiety.

Medical alternatives and medications

One of the most famous drugs and medications for erectile dysfunction Viagra, it is recommended to be used only once during the day, it gives a good effect after an hour of having it and helps improve the penis blood circulation. There are some similar drugs used such as:

  • Cialis (it is recommended to use one day before sexual intercourse).
  • Levitra.
  • Staxyn.
  • Stendra.

They all have a similar effect as Viagra.

Some men, after consulting a doctor, resort to injecting the penis directly to expand the blood vessels, pump and stimulate the blood inside the penis.

Pumping device: One of the methods used to strengthen the erection, which sucks the air that negatively leads to erectile dysfunction, and that helps to fill it with blood.

Erectile dysfunction surgical solutions

There are many surgical solutions for erectile dysfunction. We mention some of the common methods:

  1. Arterial perfusion surgery

    Erectile dysfunction may be caused by penile arterial insufficiency that is why the most proper solution is surgery. It aims to repair the arteries and enhance blood pumping. The right candidates for arterial surgery are young people with vasoconstriction resulting from bruising or fractures in the pelvis as a result of an accident.
    This procedure is not for older men because of their arteriosclerosis and the inefficiency of blood vessels. As for the method of surgery, it is carried out by taking an artery from the leg to be connected to the penis artery taking practically the narrowed or closed artery place, the success rate of this procedure is 75%.

  2. Vascular ligation surgery

    It is performed to prevent the blood pooling from the penis after erection, where the blood vessels are tied inside the penis to keep enough blood flood into the penis during the erection process, the success rate of this process reaches 50% depending on the experience and skill of the surgeon.

  3. Stent implantation surgery

    With medicine and scientific research advancement, when a person faces a medical problem there is no impossible in solving it, as medicine has found an alternative surgical solution called penile stents implantation. What is meant by this term and how is it done?
    A penile stent is a prosthetic part that is placed inside the penis surgically, it helps patients who suffer from penile erectile dysfunction, it also helps the patients who do not find natural solutions or medical drugs useful in their cases.
    This stent ensures that the patient completes sexual intercourse without any difficulty and helps both sides reach climax.
    The success rate of the operation reaches 90%, it takes about an hour to complete the surgery and is performed under full anesthesia.

Types of Stents

There are two types of stents. The doctor, of course, chooses the most suitable for the patient’s case. These stents are:

1- Three-piece stent (expandable and blowable):

  • It consists of three pieces.
  • Frequently and commonly used, it is blown and released using a liquid (when the stent is expanded and released, the fluid returns to the storage that is located below the abdominal wall).

2- manual stent (inflexible):

Less commonly used and its length can be extended manually to be able to help complete the sexual intercourse process.

As we mentioned, the doctor chooses the type that best suits the patient’s case, when there is penis deformation or when there is pain during erection (penile curvature) the stent is considered the most appropriate solution, as well as its role in solving erectile dysfunction problem, and on the contrary, the stents are not suitable for everyone who suffers from infections in the urinary channel, and not also for those who have skin allergy and genital ulcers.

Penile stent surgery risks

We mention some risks that may occur in penile stent surgery:

Infection: it happens during the surgical work and infects people with weak immunity and some diabetics.

Bruising: penis bruising may happen as a result of infection or tissue damage inside the penis.

Mechanical malfunction: related to the stent, the stent is an artificial part that may be damaged over time.

Malfunction: small parts of the stent may be exposed to malfunction, or the liquid may leak into the expandable and blowable part.

Although the penile stents take a surgical solution and the patient may be exposed to disturbing problems, it is the best option that has proven its good results compared to the solutions we mentioned.

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